Cloning genetics 1: Pruning and clones. Alchimia video tutorial

This is the first in a series of Alchimia tutorials about “Cloning genetics”. In this video we’ll explain how to take clones from our favourite Cannabis genetics, with special attention to rooting the cuttings.

Alchimia Growing Happiness

Hi guys, how’s it going? Today it’s time for some “Cannabis hairdressing” so we’ll take this opportunity to cut some clones of our favourite genetics, will you join me?

Here’s our Mother tent. As you can see it’s a bit out of control, so we’re going to take them all out, make some cuts and keep some clones of our favourite genetics, which are obviously the tallest ones.

As you can see, I’ve taken all the plants out of the tent and organised them a bit, as well as the products. Maintaining hygiene is very important, so I recommend that you wash your hands, use some hand-sanitiser gel and wear gloves while doing the cuttings, right?

I’m going to list everything necessary for the job, okay?:

  • Let’s start with the rooting compound “Clonex” (We can use this or any other brand). Any other brand, there are others in our shop, ok?
  • Water, a towel, labels and a permanent marker. Scissors, scalpel, jiffys, rooting stimulator “Canna Rhizotonic” or any other brand… we’ll mix 5ml in 2L of water.

We’ll put the jiffy in the water to start rehydrating. Remember that it’s incredibly important to keep the tools and hands clean while doing this job.

We put a little Clonex in a small cup…

Now we’re ready to dip the clones.

We can see which of the plant’s branches we want and we cut the strongest ones. When we’ve chosen the branch, we cut at least 10cm off, removing the excess leaves, pull the leaves together and cut like this. Because it’s important to leave some vegetable matter, right?

We clean up the cut, and using the scalpel we scrape a bit and make a small cut in the middle. And now straight into the cup of Clonex.

It’s very easy to make mistakes when we take clones from different genetics, so label everything!

Now we’ve prepared the labels, the cuttings and soaked the jiffys. And now we’re going to plant them and put them in the propagator to conserve humidity.

Dry Jiffy / Hydrated Jiffy

Right, we take the clone… what I do is to put it in once, then dip it in Clonex again and then plant it. Pinch the top, squeeze a little and leave it. The less we touch it, the better. Mist the lid, mist the clones and we’ll carry on with another mother.

Now the tray is full and we can take it to where they’ll spend the next 15 days.

During this time: humidity and temperature, around 20º C at the base… and remember: 18h light and 6h darkness.

So, now we’ve finished the job and after the “Cannabis hairdressing" session, look how the Mother tent has changed. If you’ve got any doubts about what we’ve shown you today, you can leave a comment or a question and we’ll try and respond to it.

See you soon in the next video, bye!


Dry Jiffy / “Hybrated” Jiffy… hahaha

I’ll say it, come on. I’ll say it myself… okay. Dry Jiffy. No, that’s the hydrated one. Dry Jiffy /Hydrated jiffy… hahaha

One more time, don’t move so much. Let’s see, move the wet one back… Don’t move!


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