Propagation pellets and cubes

JIFFY Pressed Peat Cubes

Jiffy pellets are formed from high quality peat substrate, highly compressed for easy transport and storage. When soaked in water, they swell to up to seven times their size in a few minutes to provide the optimum balance of air and water in the grow [...]

  • 1 unit - 33 mm0.08€
  • 1 units - 41 mm0.10€
  • 41 mm 1000 units99.00€
  • 33 mm 2000 units149.00€

Plugin Pro Xtract tray 104 cell units

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Plugin Pro Xtract 104 cell units tray developed to germinate garden seeds or other seeds in a convenient and effective manner, while also making them easy to extract. Plugin Pro Xtract 104 cell units tray, with an extra a [...]

  • (Out of stock)14.00€

Plugin Cutting trays

Alchimia offers you these grow trays, very useful to germinate your seeds and for rooting cannabis cuttings. They are available now in our cannabis gardening catalogue. These grow trays contain cubes made from an innovative substrate made from a mix [...]

  • 104 cells14.00€
  • 150 cells15.00€

Monkey Klone Tray

Alchimia presents Monkey Klone rooting trays, specially designed for germinating seeds and rooting cuttings. This tray comes with pellets made of a mixture of peat, nutrients and rooting hormones, ensuring a well aerated substrate for roots, deliver [...]

  • 104 blocks14.00€
  • 150 blocks15.00€

Seedling tray 40 holes

Black plastic tray with 40 holes, perfect for germinate your seeds, either with a jiffy peats or with a chosen substrate. These trays allow you to germinate your seeds in a controlled manner, reusing the container as many times as you need. Featu [...]

  • 1.90€

Jiffy Tray 41 mm - 60 cells

Plastic tray with 60 cells for Jiffy peat pellets, measuring 41 mm. Very useful when planting seeds and making cuttings. There are slits at the bottom allowing water drainage, when watering or dampening Jiffy peat pellets. [...]

  • 2.50€

Jiffy Tray 33 mm - 84 cells

Plastic tray with 84 cells for Jiffy peat pellets, measuring 33 mm. Very useful when planting seeds and making cuttings. There are slits at the bottom allowing water drainage, when watering or dampening Jiffy peat pellets. [...]

  • 2.90€

Plugin Pro Extraction Tray presents the Plugin Pro extraction tray, a product designed to facilitate the removal of the peat cubes from the seed tray 104 or 150 cells (two models to choose from). The plastic trays have "spikes" and are placed below the seed tr [...]

  • 104 cells28.00€
  • 150 cells29.00€

Plugin Pro Wetting Mat Carpet

Alchimia Grow Shop presents the Wetting Mat Carpet by Plugin Pro, which is compatible with the Plugin Pro Xtract 104 cell units tray and with other trays of similar size. The size of the mat is 50x30cm It is designed with absorbent foam that soaks u [...]

  • 0.90€

Seedling tray 28 cells

Practical, light and resistant seedling tray with 28 cells for propagating your cuttings or sprouting your cannabis seeds. Now available in Alchimiaweb. This trays are 50cm long and 31cm wide, with a height of 6cm. They are then ideal for developing [...]

  • 1.10€

RootIt Natural Rooting Sponges

RootIt Rooting Sponges are made of ​​organic and biodegradable materials, and designed to maximize the germination rate and rooting of your plants. Now available in Alchimia. Manufactured with a mix of peat and bark, and bonded together with b [...]

  • (Out of stock)13.90€

SpeedGrow rockwool wads tray

Now you Alchimiaweb trays available with cylindrical studs SpeedGrow rockwool, with a size of 52x30x4cm and two versions to choose from, with 84 and 126 tacos. SpeedGrow seedling trays provide us with a system rooted cuttings or germinating cannabis [...]

  • 84 wads (Out of stock)12.00€
  • 126 wads (Out of stock)12.00€

Propagation Tray of 24 Fleximix Root It Plugs

Here is the propagation tray and base of 24 plugs from Root It, the ultimate in plugs to germinate or make cuttings. Using these plugs, you'll increase the success rate significantly.These trays are especially designed to drain all water excess and a [...]

  • (Out of stock)7.00€

Carrying Case for 5 cuttings ROOT IT

The Fleximix Root It carrying case for 5 clones is the perfect choice for sending or transportating clones or cuttings, as well as seedlings sprouted in Jiffys.The shape of the case is designed to ensure that the cuttings or seedlings inside don't mo [...]

  • 4.00€

Jiffy coco block

Jiffy moisturizable coco coir block is ideal for the plant first few weeks development recommended for those growers who cultivate in coconut substrate. The block has dimensions of 8cm x 8cm x 6.5cm, it is large enough for the initial plant developm [...]

  • 80x80x65mm (Out of stock)0.30€

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