Germination and propagation

You will find here several products to help you germinate seeds and root cuttings of your favourite plants.

Jiffy plugs are pressed and dried pellets used either in hydroponic systems or in soil which ensure not only higher germination ratio but also better root development.

Rockwool cubes are used in all types of growing media/systems.

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Plugin Cutting trays

Alchimia offers you these grow trays, very useful to germinate your seeds and for rooting cannabis cuttings. They are available now in our cannabis gardening catalogue. These grow trays contain cubes made from an innovative substrate made from a mix [...]

  • 104 cells14.00€ 11.90€
  • 150 cells15.00€ 12.75€

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JIFFY Pressed Peat Cubes

Jiffy pellets are formed from high quality peat substrate, highly compressed for easy transport and storage. When soaked in water, they swell to up to seve [...]

  • 1 unit - 33 mm 0.09€
  • 1 units - 41 mm 0.11€
  • 41 mm 1000 units (Out of stock) 110.00€ 99.00€
  • 33 mm 2000 units 180.00€ 162.00€

Germination Tray - PluginPro

PluginPro Seedling Tray, a product designed exclusively for small-scale self-cultivation. The 100% biodegradable coco peat substrate is ideal for seed germination, [...]

  • 6 blocks 1.45€
  • 12 blocks 2.79€
  • 24 blocks 3.65€

Rockwool tray by Cutilene

Alchimia presents Rockwool tray by Cutilene, with 77 alveolus (35mm x 35mm x 40mm), for seed germination and rooting of cuttings. Rockwool is a very clean [...]

  • 77 cells (35x35x40) 13.90€

Plugin Cutting trays

Alchimia offers you these grow trays, very useful to germinate your seeds and for rooting cannabis cuttings [...]

  • 104 cells 14.00€ 11.90€
  • 150 cells 15.00€ 12.75€

Monkey Klone Tray

Alchimia presents Monkey Klone rooting trays, specially designed for germinating seeds and rooting cuttings. This tray comes with pellets made of a mixture [...]

  • 104 blocks 16.00€
  • 150 blocks 18.00€

Carrying Case for 5 cuttings ROOT IT

The Fleximix Root It carrying case for 5 clones is the perfect choice for sending or transportating clones or cuttings, as well as seedlings sprouted in [...]

  • 2.00€

Seedling tray 28 cells

Practical, light and resistant seedling tray with 28 cells for propagating your cuttings or sprouting your cannabis seeds. [...]

  • 1.25€

Seedling tray 40 holes

Black plastic tray with 40 holes, perfect for germinate your seeds, either with a jiffy peats or with [...]

  • 1.52€

SpeedGrow rockwool wads tray

Now you Alchimiaweb trays available with cylindrical studs SpeedGrow rockwool, with a size of 52x30x4cm and two versions to choose from, with 84 and 126 tacos. SpeedGrow seedling tr [...]

  • 126 wads (Out of stock) 12.00€
  • 84 wads (Out of stock) 12.00€

Jiffy coco block

Jiffy moisturizable coco coir block is ideal for the plant first few weeks development recommended for those growers who cultivate in [...]

  • 80x80x65mm (Out of stock) 0.39€

Plugin Pro Extraction Tray presents the Plugin Pro extraction tray, a product designed to facilitate the removal of the peat cubes from the [...]

  • 150 cells 35.00€
  • 104 cells 39.00€
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