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Clonex, rooting gel for cuttings

Now available at Alchimia Grow Shop: Clonex, the powerful rooting gel for cannabis cuttings developed by Growth Technology. This gel is composed of high quality rooting hormones at a concentration of 3,300 ppm (0.3% Indolebutyric acid), ideal for the [...]

  • 50 ml9.90€

VitroClon Gel

VitroClon from VitroVit is a 100% organic product in gel format, specially created and formulated for explosive rooting of cuttings. Its origin, from natural plant extracts, along with trace elements, vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, A, C and amino acids [...]

  • 125 ml12.00€
  • 500 ml36.50€

Hesi ClonFix

Alchimia invites you to discover ClonFix from Hesi, this is the ideal product for rooting clones and cuttings and it's available now in our online grow shop. Get a helping hand with propagation of clones with ClonFix, a viscous solution composed of [...]

  • 50ml15.06€ 12.00€

Mammoth P

Alchimia presents Mammoth P, a product composed of beneficial bacteria ideal to enrich your substrate and enhance the growing cycle. This organic product maximises phosphorus and micronutrients absorption, whether using soil, coconut or hydroponic gr [...]

  • 120ml49.00€
  • 250ml92.90€

Bio-Technology Orga Clone Gel

Available now online at Alchimiaweb, Orga Clone Gel from Bio-Technology a new rooting gel formulated to quickly produce a strong root system to ensure a successful cloning process and provide you with healthy cannabis cuttings. Orga Clone is suitabl [...]

  • 20 ml (Product sold out)6.90€
  • 50ml9.90€

RootIt Rooting Gel 150ml

Now available in Alchimiaweb the new RootIt Rooting Gel, specifically designed to be applied in RootIt propagation plugs or other growing media. RootIt Rooting Gel has a slimy texture that stays firm in the cavities of the RootIt plugs once applied, [...]

  • (Product sold out)6.20€

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