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Here you will find a wide selection of products specifically designed to help you eliminate toxins from the body and mask the presence of substances such as THC and others. We care about your privacy and offer you reliable and effective solutions for your needs.

Drug Cleansers and Drug Tests: Find Reliable Solutions

We have a variety of products to help you eliminate unwanted substances. Our range includes detox supplements, cleansing drinks and other products formulated to help speed up the natural process of eliminating or masking toxins from the body, giving you the peace of mind you need.

We also have a range of drug testing kits. These tests allow you to accurately and reliably test biological samples for the presence of specific substances. Our drug test kits are easy to use and provide fast results.

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Featured offers Detox products


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Kleaner is a new toxin cleaner which removes all traces of substances in the saliva and on the skin. This cleaner is effective for one hour in sali [...]

  • Monodose 6 ml 3.50€ 3.15€
  • towelette 9 ml. 4.50€ 4.05€
  • 30 ml 16.00€ 14.40€
  • Spray 100 ml. 35.00€ 31.50€

Screeny Weeny synthetic urine bag

This synthetic urine bag is now available at catalogue. Synthetic urine that simulates that of a healthy person, manufactured in a German laboratory. It wor [...]

  • 38.00€ 34.20€

Kleaner Urea 30ml Synthetic Urine presents Kleaner Urea 30ml synthetic urine, a fluid that perfectly simulates the urine of a healthy person. It is produced in a German laboratory. [...]

  • 16.50€ 13.20€

Pack of 2 Clean Urin heating bags

Alchimia Grow Shop offer you this 2 pack of heating bags, designed to maintain a constant temperature of 38ºC. They can be used to maintain, among oth [...]

  • 2.15€

Magnum Detox Instant Flush

Magnum Detox Instant Flush is an instant blood, urine and saliva purifier. With Magnum Detox, we can smoke our recreational or [...]

  • 40.00€ 34.00€

High Voltage cleaner

Now available at, we present High Voltage, a product that cleanses toxins in the urine, eliminating all traces of [...]

  • Blue Berry (Out of stock) 22.50€
  • Acai Grape 22.95€
  • Pome Granate 22.95€
  • Tropical Orange 22.95€
  • Water Melon 22.95€
  • Blazin Cherry 22.95€
  • Lime (Out of stock) 22.95€

Multidrug test in saliva

We present a Multidrug Saliva Test, a rapid test for the detection of multiple drugs in saliva. It is a simple and effective tool for the simultaneous detection of 6 [...]

  • (Out of stock) 12.50€

Psilocybin Test PSILO-Qtest - Miraculix

Alchimia presents PSILO-Qtest by Miraculix, a rapid test to evaluate the psilocybin level. The composition and concentration of psilocybin in mush [...]

  • (Out of stock) 19.95€
UP TO 10%

Cannabis test in urine samples

Achimia presents this Urine detection strip test that can determine the THC presence in the body. Each test is sealed in [...]

  • Unit 2.25€
  • 5 units 11.25€ 10.10€

Magnum Detox Soft Gel

Now available in Alchimiaweb, the new Magnum Detox Soft Gel allow you to clean your body from toxins. It can be easily carried in your pocket and used wher [...]

  • 24.00€ 21.60€

Silicone Penis Cleanurin Screeny Weeny

The Cleanu ScreenyWeeny is now available in the Alchimia catalogue. This fake silicone penis will allow you to "urinate" a liquid that is not your own urine during [...]

  • White Mulatte Circumcised 152.00€ 136.80€
  • White Mulatte Beauty 152.00€ 136.80€

Miraculix THC/CBD-QTest

Alchimia presents Miraculix THC/CBD-QTest, a quick test to determine the THC and CBD content in cannabis flowers and extracts. Th [...]

  • 19.95€

Synthetic urine bag Cleanurin Set 2.0

Alchimia offers this synthetic urine bag, ideal for women or for those who do not wish to use the entire ScreenyWeeny [...]

  • (Out of stock) 59.50€ 56.53€

Zydot Euro Blend

Zydot appeared in 1987 with the intention to help workers to overcome the drug tests made them by companies from the 80's. Zydot is co [...]

  • Tropical Punch 33.60€ 31.90€
  • Wild Cherry 33.60€ 31.90€
  • Orange 33.60€ 31.90€

Toxins cleaner Mouth Wash

Cleaning product of saliva with detoxifying effect. This little bottle contains 120ml of mouthwash designed to remove all traces of [...]

  • 25.00€ 22.50€

Miraculix LSD-QTest

Miraculix LSD-QTest is a rapid test to determine the LSD content in blotters (LSD-impregnated paper) and liquids. It consists of three simple steps [...]

  • (Out of stock) 19.95€

Multi-drug test in urine samples

We present this simple multi-drug urine test that detects cocaine, amphetamines, THC, ecstasy (MDMA), morphine, methadone, opiates, phencyclidine, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, an [...]

  • Unit 19.50€ 17.55€
  • 5 units 97.50€ 87.75€

Saliva Alcohol Rapid Test Dipstick

The Saliva Alcohol Rapid Test Strip is a fast, convenient, and accurate method for determining the relative blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in saliva samples. Th [...]

  • 1 unit 3.10€
  • 5 units 15.50€
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