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Miraculix LSD-QTest is a rapid test to determine the LSD content in blotters (LSD-impregnated paper) and liquids. It consists of three simple steps and provides results quickly and effectively, without requiring specialist knowledge.

How to use the LSD-QTest test:

  1. Extraction: Cut the blotter into two halves and add to the extraction liquid provided.
  2. Detection: Place the dropper with the detection solution into the extraction container.
  3. Evaluation: Allow the colour complex to develop and evaluate the results using the evaluation scale provided.

Miraculix LSD-QTest test info:

  • Rapid evaluation after 10 minutes, allowing results to be obtained quickly and efficiently.
  • Detection range between 20-260 µg, which means that you can determine the LSD concentration in that wide range.
  • Assessment briefly with the included evaluation scale, avoiding the need for specialised equipment or expertise.
  • The QTest LSD test is a single-use test, ensuring accurate and reliable results for each individual test.

With this test, it is possible to reliably determine the LSD concentration present in blotters and liquids without the need for a specialised laboratory or subject matter expert.

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