Psilocybin Test PSILO-Qtest - Miraculix

Psilocybin Test PSILO-Qtest - Miraculix
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Alchimia presents PSILO-Qtest by Miraculix, a rapid test to evaluate the psilocybin level. The composition and concentration of psilocybin in mushrooms is determined in 4 steps in a reliable method. The results are available after 30 minutes with no significant effort or expert knowledge.

The procedure is performed by mixing a sample of crushed mushrooms with a detection liquid. This takes one colour or another depending on the psilocybin content. This colour is determined by means of a colour evaluation scale.

Psilocybin PSILO-Qtest - How to use it:

  • Preparation: Crush 150mg (0.15g) of dried magic mushrooms and mix well
  • Extraction: Add the preparation result to the liquid provided
  • Detection: Collect the extraction liquid and add to the detection solution
  • Evaluation: Let the colour spectrum develop and analyse with the evaluation scale

Miraculix PSILO-Qtest info:

  • Rapid evaluation in 30 minutes
  • Detection range between 0.1-2.0% of active ingredient content
  • Just 150mg of raw material is required
  • 10 % deviation from HPLC analysis

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