Kleaner Urea 30ml Synthetic Urine

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Alchimiaweb.com presents Kleaner Urea 30ml synthetic urine, a fluid that perfectly simulates the urine of a healthy person. It is produced in a German laboratory.

It can be used for external purposes with the security offered by a synthetic fluid completely free of impurities or possible infectious elements. It also can be used as a substitute for real urine.

Kleaner Urea, synthetic urine identical to human urine

If we are smokers during our leisure time and we need to pass a urine test, this product will help us to overcome that test without fear that the cannabinoids the body stores up for several weeks after consumption will give a positive test result.

Kleaner Urea is very similar to human urine, both in its appearance and smell. Even its composition is similar, making it virtually impossible to distinguish both fluids.

It is stored in a small jar with a lid that opens simply with one hand, helping us to go unnoticed.

Kleaner Urea 30ml Synthetic Urine info:

  • Synthetic urine - Made in Germany
  • 30ml bottle, compact and easy to handle
  • Simulates human urine perfectly
  • It can be used externally or as a substitute for the urine itself
  • Composition: water, urea, melia azadirachta extract, benzoate

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Opinions about Kleaner Urea 30ml Synthetic Urine and questions


gaa 22-09-2020
I have a bottle of urea cleaner that i heated in hot water before use, then didnt need to use. I didnt open it though. Would it still be ok to use in future? Thanks

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 23-09-2020
Hi and thanks for your question. The manufacturer hasn't provided any information regarding this, so it's unclear whether the heat would have altered the chemical composition of the fake urine or not. Personally, with something that's potentially this important, I wouldn't take the risk of it not working a second time and I'd get a fresh bottle to be on the safe side. I hope that helps, besh wishes!

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