Gift items and paraphernalia

Gift items and paraphernalia

In this section you'll find different gift items and paraphernalia objects. As you can see, we've divided this section into several categories.

You have the awesome Cannarelax hemp pillows, incense sticks, airtight containers, paraphernalia items and small silicone jars, boxes and containers.

Today we recommend you...

  • Thai77.50€ 62.00€
  • B+77.50€ 62.00€
  • Colombian77.50€ 62.00€
  • Ecuadorian77.50€ 62.00€
  • Golden Teacher77.50€ 62.00€
  • Mazapatec77.50€ 62.00€
  • McKennaii77.50€ 62.00€
  • Cambodians77.50€ 62.00€
  • Mexican77.50€ 62.00€
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