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Vacuum Sealer Qnubu Vac

Thanks to Qnubu you can now keep your herbs and food fresh, Alchimia presents this vacuum machine to hermetically seal your bags, now available online in the Alchimia catalogue. The Qnubu vacuum machine has been designed to allow you to create a vac [...]

  • 39.50€ 31.60€

Smokus Focus Premium Jar

Alchimia Grow Shop introduces Premium Smokus Focus Jar, designed to conserve the fruits of our cannabis harvest and easily view and admire the buds. This high quality transparent plastic container includes a magnifying glass and small LEDs built int [...]

  • 49.90€

Heat-sealable metalized storage bags

Check out these large, heat-sealable metalized bags designed to store your crop in the best possible conditions, now available on Alchimiaweb. Thanks to their metallic surfaces these envelopes protect your flowers from light, vital to preserve the t [...]

  • 56x91cm3.40€ 2.89€
  • 90x135cm (Out of stock)6.00€

Boveda 58% Humidity control sachets

Alchimia presents the Boveda sachets for a precise humidity control for mainly cannabis and other herbs. Now available in our catalogue a selection of sachets available in different sizes to suit all needs and maintain a humidity level of 58%. Boved [...]

  • Size 40.95€
  • Size 8 (Out of stock)1.75€
  • Size 675.90€ 5.61€
  • Size 32025.00€ 23.75€

Boveda 62% Humidity control sachets

Alchimiaweb presents the Boveda sachets, they efficiently and uniformly control the humidity levels inside the jars in which cannabis or other herbs are stored. These Boveda sachets are available in different sizes to fit multiple volumes. The use o [...]

  • Size 4 (Out of stock)0.95€
  • Size 8 (Out of stock)1.75€
  • Size 675.90€ 5.61€
  • Size 32025.00€ 23.75€

Secret Smoke 300ml+600ml vacuum sealed container

Now available on Alchimia Grow Shop, the set of two Secret Smoke vacuum containers, perfect for keeping the buds of your homegrown cannabis harvest in the best conditions to preserve optimum aromatic quality. The set includes two hermetic containers [...]

  • 12.00€ 9.00€

Vacumax lid 25cm

Now available in Alchimia, the large Vacumax lid has been designed for round jars (25cm) to offer an airtight sealing when using a vacuum machine . As it is made of a thick transparent plastic we can see the content of our jar at all times. It has [...]

  • 14.00€ 7.70€
UP TO 20%

Integra Boost 8g

These small 8g Integra Boost bags are ideal for preserving small amounts of cannabis at an optimal humidity level, keeping the buds from your cannabis harvest in perfect condition and ready for consumption. An exciting new product to discover online [...]

  • 62%1.20€ 1.02€
  • 55%1.20€ 0.96€
UP TO 25%

Integra Boost 67g

In order to make the most of your cannabis harvest during consumption, it is advisable to preserve your flowers in the best possible conditions. Controlling the humidity level ensures buds neither too dry nor too humid. Now available online in our He [...]

  • 62%6.20€ 4.96€
  • 55%6.20€ 4.65€

Integra Boost Kit 12 bags of 67gr

Maintaining optimal humidity is key to storing and preserving our cannabis and taking full advantage of our cannabis harvest. Now you can discover the innovative solution by Integra Boost online at Alchimiaweb. Integra Boost controls the humidity l [...]

  • 62%55.90€ 47.52€
  • 55%55.90€ 47.52€

Amsterdam Tight Vac Container

Alchimia presents here Tight Vac Amsterdam pots, the famous storage boxes with vacuum closure in the colors of the European capital of Cannabis. Manufactured in durable plastic, these boxes, sealed by the expulsion of the air during the closing, will [...]

  • 0.06 L (Out of stock)4.90€
  • 0.12L (Out of stock)7.90€
  • 0.29L8.90€ 7.57€

Bag vacuum packing

Spare reusable zip bag for food vacuum packing machine, available in 3 different sizes: small (21x21cm), Medium (26x28cm), large (26x34cm). Made of durable plastic with zip safety closure, it incorporates an automatic valve which ensures the hermeti [...]

  • Small (22x21cm)1.00€ 0.80€
  • Medium (26x28cm)1.25€ 1.00€
  • Big (26x34cm)1.50€ 1.20€

Vacuum packaging machine

Small vacuum packing machine for food use, so it will not serve to purge BHO extractions, but it will serve for vacate the special reusable bags included in the kit. Very useful for storing our grass, eliminating much of the oxygen inside, which wil [...]

  • (Out of stock)25.00€ 20.00€

Aluminum Zip Bag

Aluminium zip bags (8x9cm) ideal to carry a small amount of weed hermetically and protected from the sunlight. Now available in Alchimiaweb. Efficient and convenient, you can use these bags to store your dried buds while keeping their properties and [...]

  • 1 unit1.00€ 0.80€
  • 10 units8.00€
  • 20 units14.00€

Thermosealed metallic foil bag 30x50cm

Conservation Bag of metallic finish, perfect for storing items for a long period of time, avoiding contact with sunlight and oxygen. Ideal for storing your harvest of marijuana making sure to hold intact all aromatic and psychoactive taits , so you c [...]

  • 2.20€ 1.76€

Tight Vac Pot 7cm 0,06L

Small airtight pot made of durable plastic. This small pot will allow you to carry a small amount of grass stored in vacuum, so that we can take our marijuana around without worrying about losing a single bit of its aroma. It is designed so that wh [...]

  • Black4.50€ 3.83€
  • Transparent4.50€ 3.83€
  • Colors4.50€ 3.83€

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