Boveda 58% Humidity control sachets

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Alchimia presents the Boveda sachets for a precise humidity control for mainly cannabis and other herbs. Now available in our catalogue a selection of sachets available in different sizes to suit all needs and maintain a humidity level of 58%.

Boveda sachets help to maintain an adequate and constant humidity to preserve all the terpenes in the herb, so that it can be fully enjoyed long after harvesting.

Boveda sachets, for buds that stay tasty and crunchy!

Boveda sachets preserve the aroma, flavour and efficacy of the herb by creating a monolayer of purified water molecules, which naturally coat the trichomes and protect the terpenes and cannabinoids, preserving the aroma until consumption.

It is up to the user's preference whether to choose Boveda sachets with a humidity level of 62% or 58%. Sachets with different humidity levels should not be used in the same container, nor should they be used together with other humidity control devices, as this would prevent proper functioning and effectiveness.

The use of the sachets in Tight Vac vacuum canisters maintains the terpenes' quality for 2 to 4 months. For longer periods, it is necessary to renew the sachets to benefit from their effectiveness.

Boveda 58% Sachets info:

  • Sachets to maintain a stable and correct humidity
  • Based on natural salts and purified water
  • Protects terpenes for 2-4 months
  • Size 4: 5 x 5cm per 15g of herb
  • Size 8: 6 x 6cm for 28g of herb
  • Size 67: 13 x 8cm for 450g of herb
  • Size 320: 15 x 12.5cm for >2Kg of herb

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