Pollinator P150

Cannabis resin extractions and separations are becoming more popular every day, since they allow us to take profit from the remains of our crop if we have the proper equipment. Trim or popcorn buds are perfect to produce top grade hashish easily.

The Pollinator P150 is ideal to process up to 150gr of flowers, sugar leaf or popcorn buds. It is made of hard and resistant plastic that houses a wooden drum wrapped with a fine mesh (150 microns) that will filter the resin glands. This drum is attached to a motor that makes it turn, moving the weed and removing the trichomes , which will pass through the mesh.

How to use the Pollinator P150

To use the Pollinator we only need to put some dried and frozen weed (up to 150gr) inside the drum, fix it in place, close the lid and press the start button.

The duration of the separation process depends on the desired quality. 5 minutes are enough to obtain a top grade product that we can collect with a plastic card. A 15-20 minute run is used to obtain 10-15% returns, depending on the amount of trichomes present in the buds.

Taking caution with the doses is advised, since the cannabinoid concentration of homemade dry sift and other cannabis concentrates is much higher than any commercial hashish.

Pollinator P150 features:

  • Dimensions: 30cm x 40cm x 30cm (wide x long x height)
  • Drum capacity: 150gr
  • Time of use: 5-20 minutes
  • Approx. return: 10-15%
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Accessories of Pollinator P150

Pollinator replacement  Drum

Pollinator replacement Drum

  • P-500 195.00€
  • Pollinator replacement Drum P-150 140.00€

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