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Pollinator is a leading brand in resin extraction accessories in the cannabis industry. It has revolutionised the cannabis concentrates production by offering simple but extremely effective methods for extracting resin from our plants.

Pollinator, resin extraction equipment

Pollinator officially started in 1994, at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, presenting the first extraction machine. The company was founded by Mila Jansen, a cannabis enthusiast returning to Amsterdam after 14 years in India, where she was fully dedicated to her passion. There were some setbacks in Amsterdam in the 1960s, yet her tea room was famous for the hashish consumed.

One day Mila, while observing how her washing machine operated, had the idea to adapt this principle to shake the cannabis flowers and extract the resin glands. With this idea, the Pollinator drum extraction unit was born!

Pollinator, dry extraction and hashish with ice water

Pollinator gradually expanded its range of extraction devices, with drums of different sizes depending on the material to be processed. In addition, a new device, the Bubbleator, revolutionised the extractions world.

Based on the washing machine principle, the cannabis flowers are washed in ice water and then the mixture is filtered using sieve bags. This technique allows to extract a large amount of resin with a minimum of impurities, and to separate the different trichomes parts in order to obtain the best resin quality.

In this section we present all the Pollinator equipment and accessories for Drysift and Ice-O-Lator extractions.

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ICE-O-LATOR additional bag - travel

ICE-O-LATOR is a simple resin extraction system, based on resistant bags with sieves or meshes of different microns, through which, with the help of ice and water, you will obtain very pure extractions. With this additional bag you can complete your [...]

  • 25 microns 20.00€ 19.40€
  • 220 microns 20.00€ 19.40€
  • 185 microns 20.00€ 19.40€
  • 120 microns 20.00€ 19.40€
  • 90 microns 20.00€ 19.40€
  • 70 microns 20.00€ 19.40€
  • 45 microns 20.00€ 19.40€

Featured offers Pollinator

Large Ice-O-Lator additional bag

From 77.60€ 80.00€

Medium Ice-O-Lator extra bag

From 56.25€ 58.00€

UP TO 5%
Ice-O-Lator 7 bags 220/185/120/90/70/45/25microns
UP TO 5%
Indoor Ice-O-Lator 2-Bag Set (220/70 m)
ICE-O-LATOR additional bag - travel

Ice-O-Lator 5 bags 220/185/90/70/25 microns

Alchimia offers you this set of filter bags to be used for water and ice extractions. The famous Ice-O-Lator brand is available in different sizes to satisfy all resin producers, available online now at Alchimiaweb in our Resin Extraction catalogue. [...]

  • Travel80.00€ 77.60€
  • 145.00€ 140.65€
  • Medium255.00€ 247.35€
  • Large360.00€ 349.20€
UP TO 5%

Ice-O-Lator 7 bags 220/185/120/90/70/45/25microns

Professional Kit of 7 bags with mesh, designed to separate the trichomes of resin according to the method of water extraction of resin. This set of ICE-O-LATOR bags is designed for do extractions separating the result in different qualities, up t [...]

  • Small 175.00€ 169.75€
  • Medium330.00€ 320.10€
  • Large500.00€ 475.00€

Bubbleator - Hash extraction machine

Bubbleator is a portable washing machine that has become an amazing resin extraction device. Clean and easy to use, BUBLEATOR enables the extraction of resin from buds mixed with water and ice, which are deposited inside the wasing machine. How to u [...]

  • (Out of stock)199.00€ 189.05€

Pollinator P3000

Now with the P3000 Pollinator you can take full advantage of the small buds and trim leaves from your outdoor and indoor cultivation. This model, the big brother of the famous Pollinator P500 resin extractor, is designed to extract resin from your ca [...]

  • 1,395.00€

Pollinator P500

An incresing number of growers refuse to throw away the leaf debris from manicuring covered with resin glands, as well as the small buds, still full of resin. With all this plant matter and with a little work you can get very good hashish, miles awa [...]

  • 640.00€

Pyramid Zipper Bag for Bubbleator

Alchimia presents the Pyramidal Work Bag with zip, to be used with Bubbleator or a similar machine, now available in our catalogue of material for ice water cannabis extractions. This zip mesh bag allows us to place the grass in a Bubbleator machine [...]

  • Small 30.00€
  • Large (Out of stock)45.00€ 43.65€

Pollinator P150

Cannabis resin extractions and separations are becoming more popular every day, since they allow us to take profit from the remains of our crop if we have the proper equipment. Trim or popcorn buds are perfect to produce top grade hashish easily. Th [...]

  • 420.00€ 407.40€

Extra Tray for Pollinator Bottomless P150

Alchimia offers this extra collection tray for the Pollinator Bottomless P150, now available online in our dry sift extraction catalogue. Thanks to the removable tray, Pollinator Bottomless P150 easily separates your cannabinoid extractions into dif [...]

  • 20.00€

Extra Tray for Pollinator Bottomless P500

The Pollinator Bottomless P500 allows easy cannabis trichome collection and separation of different qualities. Alchimia offers now this replacement or extra tray, now available online in our catalogue of material for dry sift cannabis extractions. [...]

  • 35.00€ 33.95€

Large Ice-O-Lator additional bag

Alchimia presents these large ice hash bags to complete your Ice-O-Lator extraction kit. The bags are available in different micron sizes. You can find them now in our catalogue of material for resin extractions. The large Ice-O-Lator bags have a dia [...]

  • 25 microns80.00€ 77.60€
  • 185 microns 80.00€ 77.60€
  • 120 microns 80.00€ 77.60€
  • 90 microns 80.00€ 77.60€
  • 70 microns 80.00€ 77.60€
  • 45 microns 80.00€ 77.60€
  • 25 microns 80.00€ 77.60€

Extra drum for Pollinator P3000

Alchimia offers this spare drum for the Pollinator P3000 part, now available in our catalogue of material for dry sift extractions. This replacement drum has a 120 or 220 micron mesh (to choose) instead the 150 micron drum that is supplied with the [...]

  • 120μm350.00€
  • 220μm350.00€

Pollinator Bottomless P500

Dutch Hash Queen Mila's pioneering Pollinator Company presents the new Bottomless version of their famous machine for Dry Sift type cannabinoids extractions. Find it online now in the Alchimiaweb catalogue. The Pollinator Bottomless P500 allows you [...]

  • 690.00€ 669.30€

Pollinator Bottomless P150

It's never have been so easy to carry out your own Dry Sift cannabis extractions thanks to the Bottomless Pollinator P150, now available online in our cannabis extractions catalogue at Alchimiaweb. Thanks to this new version of the famous Pollinator [...]

  • 495.00€ 480.15€

Bubbleator XL 800g

Pollinator, the famous Dutch company specialised in cannabis extractions, presents here at Alchimiaweb its Bubbleator XL. An excellent equipment for cannabis cultivators who wish to perform large cannabinoids extraction sessions by using ice. They no [...]

  • 2 bags set335.00€
  • 3 bags set385.00€ 373.45€
  • 4 Bags Set435.00€ 421.95€
  • 5 Bags Set475.00€ 460.75€
  • 6 Bags Set515.00€ 499.55€
  • 7 Bags Set550.00€ 533.50€
  • 8 Bags Set580.00€ 562.60€

ICE-O-LATOR Travel Indoor 220/70 microns

ICE-O-Lator Travel 2 Bags set Indoor is a kit of 2 bags with mesh, designed for resin extraction. These bags are ideal to carry with us, for example, to a friend's home, for always have your tools for extractions with cold water and ice. With a di [...]

  • 40.00€ 38.80€
UP TO 5%

Indoor Ice-O-Lator 2-Bag Set (220/70 m)

ICE-O-LATOR is a simple resin extraction system, based on resistant bags with sieves or meshes of different microns through which, with the help of ice and water, you will obtain very pure extractions. The Indoor Ice-O-Lator 2-Bag Set (220/70 μm) [...]

  • Small70.00€ 67.90€
  • Medium125.00€ 118.75€
  • Large160.00€ 155.20€

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