Pollinator P500

An incresing number of growers refuse to throw away the leaf debris from manicuring covered with resin glands, as well as the small buds, still full of resin.

With all this plant matter and with a little work you can get very good hashish, miles away in terms of quality from the commercial hashish, with the satisfaction of knowing that it contains neither unwanted substances apart from cannabis nor chemical products from fumigation.

How to use Pollinator?

Pollinator consists of a quality plastic case with an electric engine attached to a cylindrical container made with a 160 micron sieve. Processed plant debris - without any stick or branch that could damage the sieve - is introduced into the sieving container. It is important that, previously, you put the plant matter in the freezer - 2 hours will be enough - in order to facilitate resin detachment.

Close the lid and turn ON the engine. The longer, the more quantity you will get; the shorter, better the quality. Aproximately, 1/2 hour will be enough to extract all the resin. By applying pressure and heat, it will turn into top quality hashish.

We recommend caution with the initial dose because the quality achieved can not be compared at all with commercial hashish.

Capacity of Pollinator P500:

  • Pollinator P500 can handle up to 500 gr.
  • Yield: 10% resin.
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Accessories of Pollinator P500

Pollinator replacement  Drum

Pollinator replacement Drum

  • P-500 195.00€
  • Pollinator replacement Drum P-150 140.00€

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