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In this section you'll find several accessories to easily trim your plants.

We offer trimming scissors, bud trimmer machines (Trimpro, Master Trimmer and Spin Pro) and everything you need to make things easier for you, like isopropyl alcohol or latex gloves.

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Manicure tray + accessories

A labour-saving tray for fast, efficient and comfortable manicuring. This is thanks to its innovative and ergonomic design. In addition, suitable [...]

  • 150 microns 39.95€

Alchimia Bud Clean curved tips trimming scissors

The Alchimia Bud Clean trimming scissors are ideal to easily trim your buds thanks to their accurate and sharp blades and comfortable grip. Now available in Alchimiaweb. Th [...]

  • 7.35€ 6.60€
UP TO 20%

Isopropyl Alcohol

With this bottle of isopropyl alcohol you can easily clean your trimming machine of any residue left after the man [...]

  • 0.75L 8.70€ 7.35€
  • 5L 45.00€ 36.00€

Pair of Nitrile gloves presents these durable blue nitrile gloves, ideal for trimming our cannabis plants, performing resin [...]

  • M Size 0.50€
  • L Size 0.50€

Top Spinner Manual Trimmer

Top Spinner is a hand operated trimmer which safely, quietly, quickly and effectively separates leaves from flowers. Manual Trimmer Top Spinner usage [...]

  • 48cm 310.00€ 279.00€

Bonsai scissors

These bonsai scissors are a tool used in gardening, but not only, as the name suggests, for pruning bonsai, but also for all those tasks that require cutting precision, making them [...]

  • 12.00€

Sterilised latex gloves

Now available at Alchimia Grow Shop this pair of sterile latex gloves. Ideal to handle the various elements of your [...]

  • 1 Pair 1.95€

Tabletop DeBudder

We present the Tabletop DeBudder, a manual de-husker designed to provide an efficient experience during the harvesting process. This versatile piece can be easily bolted to any wor [...]

  • 53.95€ 45.85€


A new addition to the AlchimiaWeb catalog, ProKling is a vegetable-based detergent soap composed of inert abrasive agents specially designed to speedily sc [...]

  • 480 gr 21.95€ 15.35€

Trimpro Original

Trimpro Original is a machine used to cut the stems and leaves of various plants like basil, lavender, parsley, cannabis, mint, oregano, rosemary etc. It is also used to prepare es [...]

  • 1,445.95€

Trimpro Rotor

The new Trimpro Rotor is a high quality cannabis manicuringmachine designed to deal gently and efficiently [...]

  • 1,499.00€

Work Station Trimpro

Support Table for the Trim Pro Rotor, trim machine for the marijuana harvest. Made of resistant steel and aluminum, this work table or Work Stat [...]

  • 275.00€

Trimpro Unplugged

Trimpro Unplugged is an excellent machine to trim buds manually which will leave the flowers clean of leaves before long. At the top we found the [...]

  • 598.95€ 569.00€

Multi Trimmer Medium Oruga Verde

Multi Trimmer Medium from Oruga Verde is a device created in order to trimm our marijuana crop. This is a model superior to the [...]

  • with electric mixer 1,770.23€

Trimpro Trimbox replacement engine

Get in Alchimia the replacement engine for your professional Trimpro Trimbox electric bud trimmer. With this piece you can replac [...]

  • 242.00€

Trimpro Trimbox - Grate

Now available in Alchimiaweb, this replacement grate for the Trimpro Trimbox trimming machine - with slots (two widths to choose) - will [...]

  • 11mm grooves 48.00€

Trimpro Original blade

Replacement cutting blade for the Trimpro Original automatic trimming mahine, which will replace your old blade in case of damag [...]

  • 225.00€

Trimpro Trimbox blade

Now available in Alchimia, the replacement cutting blade for the electric trimming machine [...]

  • 211.75€ 201.15€

Trimpro Original bag

Replacement bag for the Trimpro Original trimming machine, for collecting the trim from our buds, no [...]

  • (Out of stock) 54.45€

Trimpro Trimbox workstation table

Now available in Alchimia the workbstation table for the Trimpro Trimbox trimming machine . This Workstation all [...]

  • 296.45€ 281.60€

Can-A-Wipes cleaning wipes

Can-a-Wipesare impregnated with a solvent solution designed to clean your hands or your marihuana [...]

  • (Out of stock) 17.99€ 16.15€

Master Trimmer Pocket

Master Trimmer Pocket is the smallest and most quiet trimming machine available in their range of trimmers. It has been designed to efficiently tr [...]

  • 850.70€

Master Trimmer Standard

The trimming machine Master Trimmer Standard has been designed to trim the small leafs from our marijuana buds in a fast and effective way, without generating to [...]

  • Mod: 50 2,126.50€
  • Mod: 75 3,961.50€

Master Trimmer Pocket grid

Replacement grid for the Master Trimmer Pocket electric bud trimmer, which is placed above the blades and allows the leafs to be cut [...]

  • Original 10mm 38.92€
  • 7mm 42.30€
  • Mixed grid (7mm/10mm) 65.00€

Master Trimmer Pocket bag

Collection bag for the Master Trimmer Pocket trimming machine , so you can collect the plant debris from your trim. Now ava [...]

  • 35.00€

Alchimia Bud Clean scissors + holster kit

Alchimiaweb presents this kit, which includes the Alchimia Bud Clean scissors with holster for your belt [...]

  • Straight tip (Out of stock) 11.03€
  • Curved tip (Out of stock) 11.03€

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