Master Trimmer Gentle automatic trimmer

Now available in Alchimiaweb.com the Master Trimmer Gentle bud trimmer, designed to work autonomously, thanks to the drum located on top. This trimming machine is a variant of the Master Trimmer Standard, to which a of automatic bud cleaning system [...]

  • Mod. 502,904.00€ 2,758.80€
  • Mod: 755,445.00€ 5,172.75€

Master Trimmer Professional

Master Trimmer Professional is a bud trimmer intended for professional cultivators. It is designed to facilitate the post-harvesting tasks, simplifying them to the maximum while obtaining well-manicured buds with very little effort. Master Trimmer P [...]

  • Mod: 503,509.00€
  • Mod: 756,534.00€

MB Bucker 200 Debudder

Alchimia presents the MB Bucker 200 debudder by Master Products, a machine that separates the flowers from the branches with an equivalent workload of 12 persons. This is an essential tool in hemp cultivation, it is compact and easy to carry. MB Buck [...]

  • 5,566.00€ 5,287.70€

Master Bucker 500 De-budding

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Master Bucker by Master Products, a professional electric de-budding intended to facilitate the tasks of selecting buds in the therapeutic cannabis harvest and preparing them for manicuring. Master Bucker by Master Trimme [...]

  • 8,651.50€ 8,218.90€

Master Seeds deseeder

Master Seeds is a deseeding machine designed to facilitate the arduous task of separating the seeds from the flowers and leaving them ready for use. Separating the seeds and keeping them clean can be hard work, you have to remove the flowers from th [...]

  • 11,858.00€ 11,265.10€

Master Trimmer Tumbler 200

Alchimiaweb.com presents Master Trimmer Tumbler 200 by Master Products, an automatic bud trimmer highly efficient and easy to operate. It is perfect for harvests in outdoor cultivation or in indoor grow tents. Master Trimmer Tumbler 200, professiona [...]

  • Without speed regulator10,648.00€ 10,115.60€
  • With speed regulator11,253.00€ 10,690.35€

Master Trimmer Tumbler 500 Med

Alchimiaweb.com presents Master Trimmer Tumbler 500 Med, a professional equipment conceived to facilitate the manicure task for large-scale therapeutic cannabis growers. This unit can be equipped with two different vacuum + waste collection systems: [...]

  • + Standard Leaf Collector15,730.00€
  • + Trim Filter19,118.00€

Trim Filter Vacuum

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Trim Filter Vacuum, a Master Trimer Tumbler 500 bud trimmer compatible unit. Trim Filter Vacuum, with a cyclonic filter and a 75L deposit Trim Filter vacuum has a cyclonic filter intended to collect all the vegetable and [...]

  • 4,477.00€ 4,253.15€

Master Trimmer Tumbler 500

MT Tumbler 500 is a bud trimmer designed for large scale production in a short time, trimming large number of buds both wet and dry by simply changing the tumbler. The precise blade cutting preserves the quality of the buds comparable when trimming [...]

  • + Standard Leaf Collector13,552.00€
  • + Trim Filter Leaf Collector16,940.00€

Standard Leaf Collector Vacuum

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Standard Leaf Collector Vacuum by Master Trimmer. This unit measures 98cm x 54cm x 130cm and it is compatible with the Master Trimmer Tumbler 500 bud trimmer. The vacuum is connected to the lower trimmer part, by attachin [...]

  • 1,089.00€ 1,034.55€

Dry Tumbler Drum

Alchimiaweb.com presents the Dry Tumbler Drum to operate in the Master Trimmer Tumbler 200 or in the MT Tumbler 500. It can be used in these units to manicure marijuana or hemp dry buds. This drum is made from very strong and durable 304 stainless s [...]

  • Model 200850.00€
  • Model 5001,100.00€

Master Trimmer Standard/Professional bag

Replacement collection bag to use with the Master Trimmer Standard bud trimmer and the Professional too, so you can easily collect all the trim from your buds. Now available in Alchimia Grow Shop. [...]

  • Mod 5052.00€

Master Trimmer Pocket bag

Collection bag for the Master Trimmer Pocket trimming machine , so you can collect the plant debris from your trim. Now available in Alchimiaweb. [...]

  • 30.00€

Master Trimmer Standard blade

Replacement blades for the electric bud trimmer Master Trimmer Standard, made of highly durable tempered steel. [...]

  • Mod 50117.33€

Master Trimmer Pocket grid

Replacement grid for the Master Trimmer Pocket electric bud trimmer, which is placed above the blades and allows the leafs to be cut without damaging the buds. Already available in Alchimia Grow Shop. It is available in three models, with 10mm and 7 [...]

  • Original 10mm38.92€
  • 7mm42.30€
  • Mixed grid (7mm/10mm)49.00€

Master Trimmer Standard - Profesional motor

Already available in Alchimia, the replacement motor for the Master Trimmer Standard bud trimmer - also suitable for the Professional model - operates the steel blades of the machine. This motor can replace your older one in case of damage or failur [...]

  • Mod 50133.00€ 126.35€

Trimpro Rottor upper engine

Now, in Alchimia Grow Shop, you can buy the upper engine of theTrimpro Rotor bud trimmer , which moves the leather straps that move the buds over the grid, trimming them thoroughly and cutting all small leaves. [...]

  • 348.48€ 313.63€

Master Trimmer Pocket motor

Now you can purchase in Alchimia the replacement motor for the Master Trimmer Pocket machine , the smallest and most quiet bud trimmer from the Master Trimmer company. This motor allows us to replace the older one in case of failure, being very easy [...]

  • 120.00€ 108.00€

Silence Large grid – Trimpro Original

Replacement grate for the Trimpro Original bud trimmer, now available in Alchimia. Model Silence Large (standard), it has 11mm wide slots and is made ??of aluminum coated with nonstick paint that will facilitate the movement of the flowers above it [...]

  • 157.00€ 149.15€

Silence Mixed grid – Trimpro Original

Get now in Alchimia the replacement grate for the automatic bud trimming machine Trimpro Original , model Silence Mixed. This crossed style grid allow us to work minimizing the generated noise, besides offering two slot widths, 11mm and 6.3mm, to pr [...]

  • 193.60€ 183.90€

Trimpro Rotor grate

Get now in Alchimiaweb the replacement grate for the Trimpro Rotor trimmer, with circular design and 6.3mm slots. Made of steel and coated with non-stick paint, it will make the buds to easily roll on the surface while being trimmed, leaving them ro [...]

  • (Out of stock)242.00€

Hood fastener - Trimpro Original

Replacement hood fastener for the Trimpro Original trimming machine, now available in Alchimia. It joints the upper cover, where we find the grid, with the work table, the bag and the blades. It will replace your old fasteners if they are broken or [...]

  • 1 unit12.10€ 9.65€

Trimpro Rotor blade

Now available in Alchimia Grow Shop, we present the replacement blade for your Trimpro Rotor electric trimming machine , so you can replace the old blade if it is damaged or dulled. [...]

  • 205.00€

Trimpro Trimbox blade

Now available in Alchimia, the replacement cutting blade for the electric trimming machine Trimpro Trimbox will allow you to replace the original blade if necessary. [...]

  • 211.75€ 201.15€

Trimpro Trimbox workstation table

Now available in Alchimia the workbstation table for the Trimpro Trimbox trimming machine . This Workstation allows you to install the machine under it, removing the original Trimbox grate and screwing the machine to the workstation grate. The bag [...]

  • 296.45€ 281.60€

Trimpro Trimbox - Grate

Now available in Alchimiaweb, this replacement grate for the Trimpro Trimbox trimming machine - with slots (two widths to choose) - will properly trim the leafs of your buds. They are made ​​of aluminum and coated with non-stick paint for easy movem [...]

  • 11mm grooves48.00€ 38.40€

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