Big Secret Box Dry Sift Extractor

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Alchimia presents the BIG Secret Box, a large machine for extracting dry sift hash from cannabis flowers.

With a 60 x 40 x 33.5cm plastic case and a capacity of 450g, this extractor allows you to process large quantities of flower at one time. The screen inside has a mesh of 200 microns, in order to collect high quality resin.

The motor has variable power, making it possible to vary the rotation speed and obtain different grades of concentrates. The extracted trichomes can be recovered easily in the removable tray at the bottom of the device, onto which they fall.

How to perform the extraction?

To carry out the extraction couldn't be more simple. Just remove the drum and open the side hatch to introduce the cannabis flowers. It is possible to use frozen material to facilitate the extraction of trichomes and preservation of terpenes.

It is vitally important that we only use the trim leaves or cannabis flowers, removing any branches or stems to avoid damaging the mesh screen. Once the drum is filled, simply close it and place it on the supports inside the box.

You can then close the lid and plug in the unit for a short session of 3 to 5 minutes to recover the finest quality trichomes.

For a higher yield it is possible to let the machine run longer. However, we will be extracting more impurities along with the trichomes, which will produce a lower quality hash.

To finish, simply to stop the motor to recover the trichomes collected on the removable tray at the bottom. You'll find that a rigid piece of plastic like a credit card wil make the trichome collection process much easier.

Big Secret Box Extractor info:

  • Motorised Dry cannabis resin extractor
  • Model: P450
  • Sieve of: 200 microns
  • Dimensions: 60 x 40 x 33.5cm
  • Adjustable speed ??regulator
  • Capacity: 450g

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Opinions about Big Secret Box Dry Sift Extractor and questions


SpiritLevel 26-10-2020
Can I get this product with a 150 micron sieve?

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 27-10-2020

Hi and thanks for your comment. I'm afraid that this model is supplied with the 200-micron screen only. The slightly smaller model Secret Box comes with a 15o-micron screen as does the Pollinator P150 while the Pollinator P500 has a 160-micron screen. I hope that helps, all the best!

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