Resin presses and stamps

Here you'll find our collection of resin presses and stamps to press and decorate your own pieces and give them a unique look.

Many hashish connoisseurs claim that pressing the resin glands highly improves the properties of the product, that's why these small presses are often used for this purpose.

Magnetic press by Herbal Press

Manual Herbal pollen press that allows us to compress and compact the resin glands of cannabis we extract. This technique removes traces of moisture, increasing its potency and density and by means of pressure, breaking the heads of the resin trichom [...]

  • 75mm Premium18.50€
  • 85 mm18.50€

2 tons Jack Puck hashish press

TrimPro's Jack Puck press, with its 2 tons of pressure, is the perfect accessory for pressing and compacting our cannabis resin extraction powder into convenient blocks. The Jack Puck press consists of a 11.4 x 11.4 x 29.2cm body to be placed on a s [...]

  • Round Ø: 3,17cm (Out of stock)219.00€
  • Redonda Ø: 7cm (Out of stock)225.00€
  • Square298.00€

8 tons Jack Puck hashish press

Here at we're happy to present the TrimPro Jack Puck 8 Ton Press, ideal for compacting hashish into plaques or tablets. All moisture traces and air are eliminated, facilitating the handling and conservation of the hash. The Jack Puck [...]

  • Square584.00€

Pollen Press - Small

Small Pollen Press ideal for dry resin extractions. This small tool has a hollow body, two screw metal caps and two pieces of rubber, wich will press the resin. The process is simple; take the body and turn the screw of one of the two caps a little [...]

  • 9.00€ 6.75€

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