Fresh Frozen cannabis extractions

What is Fresh Frozen cannabis resin?

Fresh frozen

Hashish made from fresh frozen buds

Marijuana concentrates are becoming increasingly popular among therapeutical users, especially in the USA, so new techniques are being constantly developed in this field: after the Rosin Tech, we present you here the Fresh Frozen, a high quality solventless concentrate that can be dabbed without problem.

As the name suggests, this hashish is made from fresh frozen plant material, either trim or buds. Right after the harvest – and without drying it – the plant material is frozen for later processing. This technique presents two main advantages: on one hand, the buds/trim are not crumbled as if they were dried, so less plant debris will contaminate our resin. On the other hand, and since we have not dried the buds, trichomes keep more terpenes and their profile is much closer to the live plant.

Drying fresh frozen hashish

Drying fresh frozen hashish

How to make Fresh Frozen hashish?

Fresh frozen is a variation on the ice water hash technique, usually performed with collection bags like Ice-O-Lator. We need the same exact materials used for this type of extractions: a bucket, a set of collection bags to isolate and collect the different resin grades, ice cubes, water, and something to stir the mix in case we are not using a washing machine. Since this type of concentrates are extremely sticky, using a silicone skimmer or similar is advised.

Once harvested, put the fresh buds/trim in the freezer for few hours. Removing all fan leaves (those without trichomes) is always recommended. Also, you should try to use small buds; in case you are using large ones, try to break them into smaller pieces.

Fresh plant material

Fresh frozen plant material ready for the extraction process

Meanwhile, put your bubble hash bags inside the bucket and fill it with water and ice cubes.

Once the plant material is frozen, put it in the bucket and gently stir the mix for a few minutes (3-10 minutes for the first run). As happens with the traditional ice water technique, try not to be too aggressive and do not use electric devices like blenders, since they greatly increase the chances to contaminate our resin with plant debris.

Fresh frozen extraction process

Fresh frozen extraction process

Once done, remove the bag with the ice cubes and the buds. You can keep it for a second run or to make butter and cook these delicious cannabis muffins. Collect your different resin grades and leave them to dry. To make this process easier, you can leave the bag in the freezer for some minutes and use a frozen spoon to collect the resin. In this way, resin is frozen and thus much easier to handle.

Fresh frozen resin ready to dry

Fresh frozen resin ready to dry

The last step is drying our resin for some days, after which it acquires a translucent appearance. To keep the terpenes as intact as possible, drying the resin in a cool and dry place is advised; connoisseurs often dry it and store it in the fridge.

As it dries, the resin changes its colour

As it dries, the resin changes its colour

Fresh frozen cannabis concentrate

Fresh frozen cannabis concentrate



33 comments on “Fresh Frozen cannabis extractions

  1. Dunigan420

    Great INFO! Thanks!!!! ?

    1. Dani Alchimia Post author

      Hi Duningan420,

      You’re welcome, mate! Glad you enjoyed the article!


  2. Ryan Harrison

    Hey I’m just wondering if your planning on rosin pressing this after is it necessary to do the sieve and parchment wick? Or can you just let it dry in Patty form?

    1. Tim

      Hi Ryan, Thanks for your question. In an ideal world I’d still recommend drying it pretty well before pressing it into rosin. It doesn’t need to be as dry as if you were going to store it as bubble hash, but not too far off. I’ve pressed rosin from hash that was dried in patty form before, it turned out okay even though the hash wasn’t dried 100%. The resulting rosin wasn’t very stable though, and separated into an oily and sugary texture, plus the trapped moisture meant it sizzled a bit when it hit the nail too. Having said that, it was very tasty, a great colour and highly effective too!

      On the other hand, I’ve pressed rosin from hash that was dried for too long, and that wasn’t great, darker colours, more of a shatter texture and much less terpy… so there’s a balance to find, don’t over-dry the hash. Happy pressing!

      I’d encourage you to experiment for yourself and maybe dry half of your run properly, and the other half in patty form and then press them both to see the difference for yourself, you may find you prefer one over the other.

  3. Hydra-Glide

    I have a question about fresh-freezing. How cold should the freezer be? My refrigerator-freezer keeps ice solid, but wasn’t cold enough to freeze the buds solid. So I turned the dial up to a colder (#7) from a possible setting of (#10). You mention keeping the buds in the freezer for a few hours. How about a few days or weeks in the freezer?
    Also I’ve head that hard freezing the buds causes the trich-glands to be pierced by icicles. How to prevent that?
    I’m use to working with dried-buds for bubble. The green mass of limp buds has me wondering if the ice-hash process will actually separate the trich-glands from the leaves/buds. In otherwords, I’m freaked-out that my buds will produce nothing but a green mess because the buds/trim is frozen solid.

  4. Hydra-Glide

    I meant to say, “I’m freaked-out that my buds will produce nothing but a green mess because the buds/trim is NOT frozen solid.”

    1. Dani Alchimia Post author

      Hi Hydra-Glide,

      Great you found the answer! You should either flash freeze your buds or do not freeze them at all (but chill them). Notice that problems occur when frozen buds thaw out during the agitation process, that’s when chlorophyll can ruin your resin.


  5. Hydra-Glide

    Thanx Dani! With a typical home refrigerator/freezer I don’t think “flash” freezing is an option? So I’m going the chill route. I already own a thermometer, so I would like to dial-in the refrigerator to the correct F. temp. Any idea what that ideal C or F. temp might be?
    Also this, my 25u mesh bags quit draining. I saw how Bubbleman shook his 25 bag to release water, but with so many good trichs going to water flower beds or trees from the remnants in that 5-gal. bucket, I can’t bare the thought of losing more 25u trichs than necessary by shaking the bag to drain it.
    So, I found this nugget of wisdom on the net and wanted to share it. How to Clean The Bottom-Mesh From All Mesh 25u bags, and 25 micron screens (please feel free to contradict this information if anyone perceives a problem).
    “As a tip, when the 25 micron screen used for drying out the bubble gets way sticky, I clean it out with acetone kept in a mason jar. My 25 micron screen is about 24” in diameter. I simply fold it up, stick it in the jar about 1/2 full of acetone, soak and swish, then shake vigorously. Let it soak more, swish again, then again shake vigorously. When I take the screen out of the mason jar, I scrape any remaining hard pieces off with my fingers and shake the heck out of the screen. It dries in about 30 seconds. When completed, the screen is like new. (Note: The All Mesh 25u bags are so thin, they’ll wad-up into a qt. size Mason Jar just fine- HG) – farmer

    1. Dani Alchimia Post author

      Hi Hydra-Glide,

      I basically clean my 25u drying meshes as you say, albeit I normally use alcohol instead of acetone.Thanks for sharing!! 😉

      A home refrigerator can’t flash freeze your resin, you need a special freezer.I chill my buds at 4C, around 39F. Draining the 25u bag is always a test of patience, that’s why I use my whole set of BubbleBags except the 25u bag, which is Pure Extract Bags.


    2. Tim Alchimia

      Hello Hydra-Glide,

      Thanks for your comments, I just wanted to clear up something of a misconception for you: As you’ve said, Bubbleman recommends shaking the 25µ bag to drain it, and in this case I have to agree with him. By shaking the bag you won’t lose any 25µ trichomes, the holes in the mesh stay the same size whether we shake the bag or not. Shaking the bag works by momentarily lifting the collected trichomes off the bottom of the bag to allow the water to pass. Believe me, you definitely won’t lose any trichomes by shaking!

      Having said that, it is good practice to clean the mesh on your bags with alcohol (or acetone) after every hash-making session to make sure they don’t get clogged up with resin and they drain properly next time you use them.

      All the best!

  6. Hydra-Glide

    “Believe me, you definitely won’t lose any trichomes by shaking! ”
    Thanks Tim! I’ll sleep better nightly. Yes, 25u is 25u if it’s at the bottom waiting to be scooped-up with a spoon.
    I’m one week away from A Chocolate Thai harvest. I spoke real brave about cutting-off all of my bud tops to make chill-hash, but now I’m chickening-out. My biggest buds will be cut and dried, while saving the frosted-trim for an overnight chill. If my chill-trim produces any worthy mesh-hash, then I’ll start cutting off the lower branch buds whole, chilling them overnight at 39F and then making bubble. Accordingly, I’ll start a new post on called “Fresh Chilled Bubble” and photo-montage the entire process because I have nothing else better to do. Thanks for my introduction into “chill hash”, I’ll be a good student. 🙂

  7. Hydra-Glide

    What washing machine time intervals would you suggest for 400g wet submerged in pre-churned ice water. I’ll be using a combination of square ice cubes and half-moon cubes. I thought 10 minutes for the first run and 10-min for the second.

    Of note: I generally run dried-buds first for 30 minutes, and a second of 15 minutes, and will still collect 4-5g. of 25u that cures into full-melt. However, running 651g of dried on a “30-minute second run”, left more green-leaf contamination than desirable. 2nd runs at 30 min.are too long. Wishing they made a 20u All Mesh bag… there’s a lot of good trichs that get dumped into flower beds.

    1. Dani Alchimia Post author

      Hi Hydra-Glide,

      Since I want the best possible quality in the first run, I wash my buds with water before putting them in the washing machine. I let them chill again in the washing machine for 10 minutes )with water and ice cubes) then I run it for 3-5 minutes. Second run is normally around 10 minutes, third run 15 minutes (most times I don’t even do a third run, it all depends on what you get on the second and the strain you’re processing). I’ve seen people doing a very fast first run – just a few seconds – just to clean the buds, but I prefer soaking them in water and gently stirring them for a couple of minutes before putting them in the washing machine.

      Since I want top quality in the first run, I don’t even put bags below 73u; I use 220, 190, 160, 120, 90 and 73. I use the same water for the second run, and then I put 220, 190, 160, 73, 45 and 25.

      Hope it helped, can’t wait to see your concentrates!

  8. Hydra-Glide

    “Since I want top quality in the first run, I don’t even put bags below 73u; I use 220, 190, 160, 120, 90 and 73. I use the same water for the second run, and then I put 220, 190, 160, 73, 45 and 25.”
    Interesting…. I think I’ll try that. Thanks! I’ll cut the first buds on Sept. 30, chill them overnight, and make my first run on Oct. 1st. It must be the poor quality of my too-early harvest from the last 4-seasons, but my 220, 190, 160 have very little “oil” in them and the 90 can be full melt occasionally, but for some reason the 45u always taste bad. 45 does the job, but it’s always a harsh hit.
    This season I’m waiting until all of the trichs are dull-white, with a scattering of amber trichs. And not before! 🙂

    1. Dani Alchimia Post author

      Hi Hydra Glide,

      220, 190 and 160 are mainly use to clean the resin from green material and other contaminants (occasionally, and depending on strains and growing conditions, 160 can be of very nice quality). But the heads of stalked glandular trichomes (which are what you want if you want top grade hash) are usually between 70 and 150 microns in size. That means that, most times, what we get in the 45 mciron bag are basically bulbous or sessile trichomes (apart from stalks, etc), which contain much less cannabinoids and terpenes than stalked glandular trichs.

      Please keep us updated on your next run!!


  9. Hydra-Glide

    “Since I want the best possible quality in the first run, I wash my buds with water before putting them in the washing machine. I let them chill again in the washing machine for 10 minutes )with water and ice cubes) then I run it for 3-5 minutes. Second run is normally around 10 minutes, third run 15 minutes (most times I don’t even do a third run, it all depends on what you get on the second and the strain you’re processing). I’ve seen people doing a very fast first run – just a few seconds – just to clean the buds, but I prefer soaking them in water and gently stirring them for a couple of minutes before putting them in the washing machine.”
    I’m slowly waking-up here. I checked your copyright and the site’s been up since 2001, so I’m committing 400g wet in your method Dani, and thank you. The first plant to go is the Vanilla Kush with 56-days since flower-puffs appeared, but I’m taking it to 64-days or until I get more amber trichs.
    What size buds do you use? Cutting buds into 50¢ diameter (quid coin size?) sections, along with a mass of sparkling trim? I’m using 400g size portions since that’s what bubbleman-Johnny brought-over in the vid.

    1. Dani Alchimia Post author

      Hi Hydra-Glide,

      Thanks for your confidence!! I actually started growing in 1995, and making my own hash a couple of years later! 😉

      It is important to cut your buds into small pieces, 50cent size is ideal (you’ll highly increase yields). And no problem abut mixing it with sugar leaf, although if you take a look with a microscope you’ll usually notice much more bulbous, sessile and cystolythic trichomes on the leaf (if the hash was for a cup, I’d use only bud). Once you have your small buds ready, soak them in water and stirr it for 1-2 minutes. 10103157eeery gently, you don’t want to lose any head. Then use a strainer or similar to collect them and put them in the washing machine. I normally have a bed of ice cubes in the machine, put the buds inside and cover them with more ice. Fill the machine with cold RO water and let it chill for 10-15 minutes. You’re ready now! I’m pretty happy with this technique, you can see some of my hash in my @haschcelona instagram account. And do not forget to spray you resin before collecting it, about a litre (even more) of cold water per bag is ok.

      Talk soon!!

  10. Hydra-Glide

    Hey Dani,
    I can’t look at your harvest because I’ve dropped-out of society and remain a flip-phone owner. But, I’d like you to see my set-up with my 220-washing bag in the 6-gallon RV washing machine. This is the system I’ll be using – ice will be layer within the bag a “soggy cannabis”. Quite frankly, I’m freaked out about putting perfectly good weed in the refrigerator to get limp. I’m going to run about 400g. wet, but I’m still freaked-out that I’ll end up with a mess, but I’m going to do it anyway. Here’s my set-up:

    1. Dani Alchimia Post author

      Hi Hydra-Glide,

      Do not be affraid to experience with new methods, mate! One thing I’ve learned is that it is really hard to improve your skills if you don’t!! 😉

      I’ve taken a look at your set-up, pretty nice!! A few things I’d like to add: When using fresh material, the resin you’ll get is the stickiest material on Earth. I normally use a couple of frozen spoons to scrap it from the bags, it works much better than plastic/silicone cards. Another point is microplaning: I really recommend you to freeze and microplane your fresh resin, as I say it is incredibly sticky and really hard to chop/sieve without a microplane. Unless you can access a freeze dryer, microplaning is probably your best option.

      About chilling the material: on my last runs I’ve cut the plants, cut the buds and put them directly in the washing machine (with the ice cubes) to chill, without even putting them in the refrigerator. Let them chill for 20-30 minutes and start the process.

      Can’t wait to see your next run!

  11. Hydra-Glide

    “About chilling the material: on my last runs I’ve cut the plants, cut the buds and put them directly in the washing machine (with the ice cubes) to chill, without even putting them in the refrigerator. Let them chill for 20-30 minutes and start the process.”
    Yeah, I’m liking this. What has kept me up at night was the “soaking” procedure. It seems that with every movement of the plant, good trich’s are falling to the floor, and that’s more than I can bare. But your newest method eliminates that process, and placing the fresh cut buds and sparkle trim in the 220-container bag, layered with ice seems to be the way to go. The buds are chilling for 20-30 min., and any trichs that fall off do so in the washing machine. Sweet!
    I know a local newspaper writer acquaintance who will be assisting. A cousin was James Dickey, of “Deliverance” and he’s never been around weed, but our city is having a special election to try and win the right to have commercial greenhouses to keep our “flower capital” city of the world from being built-out with houses, etc., so having F.D. go through the bubble-experience will be a voice on our side. It changes your life when you make bubble. I’ve sen it with (4) people. They love the process and “bro-ing down” experiences that are rare-finds these days.
    Of note, I use to spend summers 1969-1971, in Tangier in a house near the Kings summee palace on the way to Cap Spartel, and over in tetla Katama. My route home was through El Hoceima, Sp, to Melia.
    I’ll be cutting up the buds on Saturday, soaking and discharging the solution into (3) All Mesh, 8-bag, 5-gal. buckets.
    I’ll be using your frozen spoon method (I’ll have [5] spoons in ice at all times. Yes, I have a microplane and s/s screen like Johnny uses in the Bubbleman video. Got them on amazon. I’ll be taking photos all along, and posting them on that Fresh-Chilled topic under the ‘Harvesting and Curing section. My friend “farmer” read what you wrote here, and told me I’d finally found someone on line that knew what he was talking about. So thanks!

    1. Dani Alchimia Post author

      Hi mate,

      So glad to read that!!


  12. Hydra-Glide

    The timing of my run is such that we can go to two of the three plants and collect buds without much trim. In a typical 6-gal washing machine, how many grams of fresh should I cut?
    And, could I just clip the very (50¢ diameter) top out of every bud riser until I reach xxx gms.? There’s not many leaves at the topmost 1″ to 1-1/4″ of the buds, and if there are leaves, they’re crystal-coated (riser meaning “rising upwards” from the stalk/stem).
    This way we can clip and ice-water soak them “farm to washing-machine”. 🙂

    1. Dani Alchimia Post author

      Hi Hydra-Glide,

      No problem at all, you can also save and dry your best tops and process the remaining buds. With your machine I think you can use around 800g of fresh buds (it’ll also depend on the amount of ice used).


  13. Hydra-Glide

    I’ve hit a snag, the snag being I like to keep my hash in it’s original slab, as spooned onto the 25u drying sheets. After the hash dries thoroughly, it can be rolled into a ball. Keeping the hash in balls, allows me to pull off a piece to smoke. So, I’ve decided that since I only have the three plants this season, I’d better make the best hash I can that will stay malleable in a sheet or ball.
    Of course, I’ll start clipping buds off the plant and may change my mind and go with the “no smaller mesh than 73u on the first run”, but I don’t know how fast fresh-cut buds are going to tip the scale at 400g. Dried, I can fit 600g into the 220-zippered bag, but fresh?…dunno how much cubic space the 400g will take-up in the bag until I start chopping. Fun though, good clean FUN! Chomp!

  14. Me

    Hello…long time grower here experimenting with fresh frozen. I’m going to fill a freezer and experiment with different extraction methods so chilling and then instantly running the material is not in the plans. I’m just wondering the best temperature setting on a standard chest freezer, if its ok to freeze in very carefully sealed turkey bags, and any other suggestions you all may have.

    Many thanks.

    1. Dani Alchimia Post author

      Hi Me,

      If you plan on freezing your green material, flash freezing works best, it is doubtless the way to go (although expensive). I’ve seen people “flash freezing” their resin with CO2 (dry ice) or even liquid nitrogen. If you can put your chest freezer at lowest temperature and cover your green material with dry ice you’ll be accelerating the freezing process. Still, notice that problems with chlorophyll come when the green material thaws, so it’s always important to also keep it very cold during the extraction process.

      You can use turkey bags or airtight containers to freeze the material. Whatever you choose, keep it sealed!

      Also, if you plan on making some dry sift, put your pollinator machine inside the chest freezer and run your material there.

      Hope it helped!

  15. Hydra-Glide

    Hey Dani,
    Yesterday’s (8-bag) fresh-chilled bubble went well. Took pics. Found that with my square and half-moon ice cubes, I could only fit 200g into the 220-zipper bag. I let the fresh buds sit in pre-churned ice water for 30-min. Ran (3) batches, only adding more ice water and ice. Might have even been able to run a 4th, but ran out of ice. I used about 6-gallons of ice. The quality seems to be about the same as dried. My 73u came out a bit sticky and meshed itself into the 25u drying sheet. It’s in the freezer and I’ll try that to separate them. Probably best if we wait until all of the water has drained before spooning the pile up from the mesh bag bottom.
    For sure cleaning the 25 bags in a Ball jar 1/2 full of acetone is the way to clean the bags. There’s a link to it on my Rollitup “fresh-chilled” topic, under the Harvesting and Curing section. Thanks for all your help. Soaking the full zippered bag in ice water for 30-minutes is the way to go Good idea.
    p.s. Never use “bagged ice”. The cubes are too small. They’ll melt and freeze in the washing machine – seizing the zippered bag from moving back and forth and your yield will be smaller.

  16. Hash virgin

    Hello new grower 1st time hash maker. Just harvested and am wanting to make some fresh chilled bubblehash. So I have gathered not to freeze if not flash freezing. I do not have any fancy equipment (no bubble bags?) I have Ziploc bags or containers. So should I chill the trimmings in an airtight container overnight?? Please advise. Ty!

    1. Tim Alchimia

      Hi and thanks fro your question. In short there’s no real need to “Flash Freeze” with any special equipment at all. Simply turn the freezer up as high as you can, bag up your buds in ziplock bags (double bag them if you have enough bags, no big deal if not) and get them in frozen as soon as possible. I’ve been making hash like this for years and never felt the need to “flash freeze” anything. The important thing is that once frozen, the material should not defrost at all, otherwise it will turn into a green soggy mush and any hash you make will be loaded with chlorophyll.

      However, you will need some Bubble Bags or similar to make the actual hash itself, there’s no getting round it I’m afraid. You’ll need to buy or borrow at least a 220 micron filter for the vegetable material and a 90µ or 70µ bag to collect the resin heads. That’s absolutely the most simple setup you can get away with, personally I use 2 x 220µ, 2 x 180µ, 2 x 160µ, 1 x 120µ, 1 x 90µ, 1 x 70µ, 1 x 45µ and finally 1 x 25µ so as you can see, it can be as simple or as complex as you like, depending on the quality you hope to extract.

      I hope that helps, happy hashing!

  17. Zach

    I mean i know all these post are old as fuck but try a freezedryer bruh. Easiest way to dry your hash whilst keeping color and not overdrying

    1. Tim Alchimia

      Hey Zach, thanks for your comment. Yeah, for sure, it’d be really nice if we could all afford to drop 4k on a freeze dryer, but not very realistic. These articles are generally aimed at home-growers making extractions for their own personal supply, so we try to keep the technology within the reach of the average person, whole making them aware of new developments, like in our recent article on Freeze Dryers. All the best.

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