Carbon filter and extraction kit

The air extraction system in an indoor cannabis cultivation space is an essential element. It regulates the relative humidity indoors, as well as renewing the air thus oxygenating the cultivation environment.

It also regulates the temperature, particularly in hot environments, helping to control it when using incandescent bulb systems, such as the ballast system + HPS or HM bulb and LEC systems.

It is important to install all the necessary elements to renew and filter the air in the cultivation space, as well as to hide the cannabis odour so as not to attract unwanted attention.

In this section we present kits developed with precise elements for each cultivation space such as air extraction fans, activated carbon filters, air ducts, etc. They can be used in a cannabis grow tent and in horticultural rooms.

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150/470m3 Alchimia air extraction kit

The air extraction system of any indoor cannabis growroom is one of the most delicate parts of the installation, since it controls the humidity level while renewing the air [...]

  • (Out of stock) 196.29€ 176.66€

Trafika Extractor Kit

Alchimia presents Trafika Extractor Kit, a set that contains all the necessary elements to install an air renewal system in the cultivation, ensuring unwanted odours are filtrated. [...]

  • 100/250 m3/h 99.90€
  • 125/460 m3/h (Out of stock) 109.99€
  • 125/250 m3/h (Out of stock) 109.99€
  • 150/690 m3/h 159.99€
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