Activated carbon filters and odour control

Active carbon filters are one of the most widely used odour control accessories. They are ideal to remove unwanted smells from closed spaces like grow rooms and grow tents, also when drying herbs.

These filters have a layer of activated carbon pellets which retains any compound releasing smell. Naturally, the filter must be connected to an air extraction fan to work correctly.

Each extraction fan has its corresponding carbon filter. Basically, your carbon filter should have - at least - the same capacity (m3/h) than your extraction fan.

You'll find here a complete range of Can Lite filters and the new Can In-Line filters, also The Neutralizer, Zerum Gel and Zerum Block and several Ona odour control products like Ona Mist, Ona Block or Ona Gel.

Featured offers Activated carbon filters and odour control

D-ODR Fine Mist Odour Removal 70ml

8.45€ 9.99€

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Ona Gel

Ona Gel

Apple Crumble 1 L

19.10€ 22.50€

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Alchimia Can Lite prefilter

11.25€ 12.50€

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Indizono 200mm (7000mg/h) Ozonizer

Alchimia Grow Shop presents the Indizono Ozonator 200mm 7000mg/h, designed to easily connect to the ventilation system of indoor grow spaces and effectively neutralise the powerful smells emitted by cannabis plants. This device operates by transform [...]

  • 254.00€

Indizono 250mm (7000mg/h) Ozonator

Alchimia Grow Shop presents the Indizono ozoniser 250mm and 7000mg/h, designed to be combined with the air extraction system of indoor cannabis grows, to completely neutralise the intense odours released by our flowering plants. This ozoniser is resp [...]

  • 302.00€

D-ODR Fine Mist Odour Removal 70ml

Alchimia presents D-ODR Fine Mist, the perfect product to eliminate odours instantly, very useful both at home and in the car. It also removes odours from clothes and is ideal to remain discreet after a visit to your indoor growth room. D-ODR, the u [...]

  • Lasting Lavender9.99€ 8.45€
  • Clean & Crisp9.99€
  • Aromatic Apple 9.99€
  • Strawberry Sensation9.99€

Can Lite 315/3000 carbon filter

We present Can-Lite Filter 3000CFM and 315mm metal airflow open perforation. It is the ideal complement to avoid the odours produced by our cultivated plants, especially in the flowering stage when the smell has more presence. This filter has an ope [...]

  • 309.00€

Ozonizer Indizono 150mm (3500mg/h)

Alchimia Grow Shop presents the Indizono Ozonator 150mm 3500mg/h, perfect for connecting to the extraction system of our indoor cannabis grow to effectively neutralise the distinctive odour given off by the plants. This device is able to transform t [...]

  • 205.00€

Alchimia Can Lite 100/150 carbon filter

We present here the new Alchimia Can-Lite 100mm 150m3/h carbon filters, designed to ensure odour elimination from your indoor marihuana crop. CanFilters are responsible for providing the highest quality, for they are made of metal, with the connecti [...]

  • 29.50€

Alchimia Can Lite 125/300 carbon filter

Control the odour that comes out from your cannabis indoor crop with Alchimia Can-Lite 125mm 300m3/h carbon filters, compatible with 1m2 growrooms. CanFilter ensures high quality with its metallic body, and with a side connector made of plastic, whi [...]

  • 41.20€

Alchimia Can Lite 150/425S carbon filter

Eliminate the odour from your indoor cannabis crop thanks to Alchimia Can-Lite 150mm 425m3/h carbon filters, compatible with 1.20x1.20m growrooms. Made by CanFilter, they offer high quality, since they are made of stainless steel, with a 150mm diám [...]

  • 49.90€

Pure Filter Carbon filter 150/600 (900m3/h)

We present Pure Filter, an activated carbon filter made of lightweight aluminium and a high-quality activated carbon sourced in Australia. The lightweight aluminium skeleton structure is much lighter than other filters of the same capacity, wh [...]

  • (Out of stock)115.00€

Alchimia Can Lite 150/600 carbon filter

Neutralize the odor molecules that generates your indoor growing closet thanks to Alchimia Can-Lite 150mm 600m3/h carbon filters, ideal for growing spaces somewhat larger. Manufactured by CanFilter and made of stainless steel, they allow us to enjoy [...]

  • 69.90€

Alchimia Can Lite 200/800 carbon filter

Remove any odour traces coming out from your cannabis indoor growing room, thanks to Alchimia Can-Lite 200mm 800m3/h activated carbon filters, very suitable for large farming facilities. CanFilters are manufactured using stainless steel, allowing us [...]

  • 89.00€

Alchimia Can Lite 200/1000 carbon filter

Alchimia Can-Lite 200mm 1000m3/h activated carbon filters are responsible for neutralizing the smell of the air coming out of your cannabis indoor crop, specially in large growrooms. Made by CanFilter, both body and connection end are made of high q [...]

  • 109.00€

Alchimia Can Lite 250/1500S carbon filter

The Alchimia Can Lite 250mm-1500m3/h activated carbon filter efficiently eliminates the odor derived from the air extraction system of our indoor cannabis growing space , specially in large setups. The manufacturer, CanFilter, has manufactured these [...]

  • 155.00€

Alchimia Can Lite 250/2500 carbon filter

Now you can neutralize the odours from your indoor growing space with the new Alchimia Can Lite 250mm-2500m3/h. Already available in Alchimiaweb. Designed and manufactures by Dutch company CanFilter, the whole filter is made of quality stainless ste [...]

  • 185.00€

Alchimia Can Lite 250/1000 carbon filter

The Alchimia Can-Lite 250mm 1000m3/h anti-odor charcoal filters camouflage the odor coming from the air extraction of your cannabis indoor growing, being designed for big rooms. Made by the Dutch manufacturer CanFilter, it has the body and a connect [...]

  • 129.00€

Can In-Line Filter 125/600

Alchimia presents here the new Can In-Line Filters developed by Can-Filters, measuring 125mm in diameter and with a practical capacity of 600m3/h. These filters have been designed to be placed at any point of the air circuit, connected to the air duc [...]

  • 185.00€

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