Zerum Pro neutral gel
Zerum Pro neutral gel
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Zerum Pro neutral gel

Alchimiaweb presents here Zerum Pro, a potent odour neutralizer that efficiently eliminates the aromatic molecules in the air without masking them with other aromas.

To use this gel, simply open the jar and leave it in the room where we want to remove odours. For improved performance, put some gel in different containers and leave them around the room. We can also put a small amount of gel in a jar and leave it in small spaces like closets or vehicles. Another option oftenly used is putitng some gel in the ducting of the air extraction system; still, and while highly effective, the gel will dehydrate much faster than when left in a room or grow tent.

The gel gradually loses its properties when in contact with air, so we should regularly stir the content of the jar. Do not use water to re-hydrate the gel, it would lose most of its properties.

Recommended for enclosed spaces only. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly product. Can be used in presence of persons, animals and plants.

Zerum was awarded Best Growing Tool at 2015 Spannabis.

Zerum Pro neutral gel info:

  • Odour neutralizing gel
  • Weight: 400gr
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for enclosed spaces
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