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Ona Gel is the best solution for removing odours. Its application is very simple. Simply remove the lid of the jar or bucket and let ONA evaporate into the air, or place 1 or 2 tablespoons of gel on a plate, and leave until it has disappeared. Repeat the process if odours persist.

ONA was initially developed for industrial uses (oil production plants, of water treatment plants and farms). ONA combines with odour molecules and neutralises them.

Ona Gel can be used to eliminate the smell of cigarette and cigar smoke, odours in bathrooms, indoor gardens, waste collection areas and rotten food odours.

Ona Pro Gel leaves a scent very similar to the aroma of fresh air after summer rains, while Ona Gel - Apple Crumble has a sweeter scent, like apple dessert.

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Opinions about Ona Gel and questions

Suzanne Bowman
Getting back to Jan. 22, 2018 comment regarding the strength of the smell of Ona. We can't use our pool since our neighbour has been using this product as a weapon so we can't breathe in our yard. They have switched to a carbon filtration system since we have complained about the odours/fumes. We now have carbon soot all over our shed, house and gazebo. Can you tell me what kind of carbon is being used? Is it a activated charcoal? And what is the chemical property of this product, is it a C1, C2 C4? Thank you.
Alchimia Grow Shop

Hi Suzanne, if it's efficient cancelling odors it has to be activated carbon (charcoal), but without knowing the brand or exact model it would be hard to find out what type and it's density. Given the soot my guess is that filter is not correctly/tightly packed and so there's a chance it's home made rather than a professional "factory packed" activated carbon.

Hope it helps !

Suzanne Bowman
The smell of the Ona is issue. It's so overpowering that one cannot breathe.
Alchimia Grow Shop

Hi Suzanne,

Yes, if too much Ona is used it can be a bit annoying. I'd strongly suggest the use of activated carbon filters. They need an extractor fanto operate properly, but they release no odour and remove any smell in the air.

Carbon filters must be replaced every 2 years approximately, while air extraction fans can last for many years.

Hope it helped!

Suzanne Bowman
Question: Is the Ona toxic to neighbours? Our neighbour has been growing and we cannot breathe in our backyard with a pool. Do you have a safety data sheets for this product? Thank you.
Alchimia Grow Shop

Hi Suzanne,

Since Ona products are food safe, I don't think they can be toxic (I've searched the safety sheet on their website but it is not available).

Still, you mean you can't breathe because the smell of the plants or because the smell of Ona?


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