Grow light kits

Here you'll find a wide selection of lighting kits composed of diverse reflectors, bulbs and ballasts. An extensice selection of indoor grow lights so you can find the one that suits your needs best.

First, Adjust-a-Wings lighting kits encompass 400 and 600W kits with any of the Adjust-a-Wings reflectors: Defender, Enforcer and Avenger. You'll also find kits with twin light Adjust reflectors.

Low Consumption lighting kits are composed of 125 and 200W CFL lamps (Compact fluorescent lamps) with built-in ballast and a grow light reflector.

Basic lighting kits encompass 250, 400 and 600W lamps with basic reflector and magnetic ballast.

Electronic lighting kits include 250, 400 and 600W bulbs with different reflectors and electronic ballasts from reputed companies like Nanolux, Lumatek or Bolt, which offer improved light performance with less power consumption.

Finally, Cooltube lighting kits encompass kits including 400 and 600W lamps, magnetic ballasts and air cooled reflectors (125 and 150mm in diameter).

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