Gavita Pro 600e SE

Gavita Pro 600e SE
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Gavita Pro 600e SE is an electronic lighting unit controlled externally by the Gavita Master Controller, which can control several units at the same time.

Gavita Pro 600e SE, controlled by Gavita Master Controller

This controller enable not to have the need to use timer boxes. You can automatically regulate the light output depending on the cultivation area temperature or even turn off the lights if necessary, for example with very high temperature.

The ballast has been designed from scratch to incorporate all the elements in order to have a cultivation full control. The assembly quality has been maintained, also with a protection against humidity and dust by means of watertight closures and the use of gore-tex which allows heat dissipation, and prevents from dust particles.

Gavita lighting system is wireless assembled with the reflector to avoid any electrical interference and complying with the FCC regulations. This highly efficient ballast operates with 400v and high frequencies. This professional equipment obtains between 10-25% more light power compared with the traditional bulbs that operate at 220v.

High quality reflector, 96% light reflection

The HR96 Gavita reflector is manufactured with Miro © Aluminium. It is attached to the ballast and provides a 96% reflection. It offers an excellent light distribution and penetration throughout all cultivation area. Gavita recommends replacing the reflector every 2 years to maintain intact the high light reflection degree.

The electronic ballast is adjustable in power to provide the light amount according to the plant requirements in the different development stages or depending to the external growing conditions. The adjustable powers are 300, 400, 500, 600 and 660w via the booster. The ballast has a system to gradually increase or reduce the power avoiding stress on the ballast after the power change.

Information Led, equipment status

The ballast case has a control led that provides different information.

Controller connection
Start-up lamp
Service life
Heat excess
Voltage excess
Alarms memory

Low voltage

It offers a lamp ignition security since there is not a power input excess when turning on the lighting system because it is always connected to the power in stand by mode as if it was a television.

It is simple to install and connect with a Plug and Play facilitating to the maximum the connection.

The Gavita Pro 600e SE ballast requires 400v and 600w bulbs, just like the bulbs included in the kit, the Philips Green Power 600w 400 V that generates 1150 µmol s-1 of PAR light. HM bulbs are not suitable.

Gavita Pro 600e SE info:

  • Electronic ballast: 600w 400v
  • Adjustable power: 300, 400, 500, 600 and 660w
  • Bulb included Philips Green Power 600w 400 V
  • Soft Dim
  • Reflector Miro © aluminium
  • Quick to assemble and easy to use
  • High frequency
  • Informative Led

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