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Agrobrite T5 8x54W Propagator

Alchimia presents the new Agrobrite T5 8x54W Propagator, ideal for cuttings roots development, seeds germination and during the first growing stages. It has a compact size (118x61x7.5cm), with 8 54W tubes offering a total of 40.000 lumens. The colou [...]

  • 195.00€ 136.50€

Propagator Agrobrite T5 4x54W

Lighting set Propagator Agrobrite T5 designed to facilitate the necessary light on the phases of germination, rooting of shoots and plant growth in its early stages of development. Its small size (118x33x7,5cm) makes it very functional and handy, be [...]

  • 120.50€ 90.38€

Propagator Agrobrite T5 4x24w

Set of tubes of flourescent Propagator Lightwave T5 manufactured to facilitate seed germination, rooting of cuttings and maintenance of small plants in their early stages of development. It is thought to be small (58x33x7,5cm) but very functional, a [...]

  • 80.75€

Propagator Agrobrite T5 2x24W

Set of flourescent Propagator Agrobrite T5 designed for the germination or rooting of cuttings of marijuana, and also for the keeping of young plants in their growth phase. Designed to be compact but functional, it offers us 2 tubes of 24W of power [...]

  • (Out of stock)59.90€ 47.92€

Universal Strip Stand for Sunblaster T5HO

With the universal strip stand for Sunblaster T5HO we can adjust the height of the lamp easily and quickly, ahcieving the optimum distance between our plants and the light source in few seconds. This sturdy structure is made of high quality injectio [...]

  • 39.00€ 23.40€

RootIt T5 Link cord

Now available in Alchimia the Link Cord for RootIt Light Strips , so you can daisy chain five of the 122cm (4ft) individual strips together, or ten of the 61cm (2ft) strips, with a total maximum wattage of 270w. [...]

  • 3.50€ 2.45€

Blue Sky 9500k for Propergator o Turboneon 55w

The replacement tube 9500k for the Blue Sky propergator turboneon emits very little heat, which allows us to work within 5cm of the plants. This fluorescent bulb emits a light spectrum that is ideal for the germination and propagation of cannabis se [...]

  • 8.00€ 5.60€

Universal T5 light Strip

The Sunblaster T5 light Strip universal lamp holder offers a simple and economical solution for hanging up to seven T5 fluorescent tubes. The two rails are equipped with small clips that can accommodate any size of T5 lamp. With the ability to place [...]

  • 15.00€ 9.00€

Propergator or Turboneon WARM 55w

Sylvania 55W WARM fluorescent tube (relacement part) for Turboneon or Propergator lighting systems, for the flowering phase. [...]

  • 8.00€ 5.60€

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