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Fluorescent lamps are widely used because of their low power consumption. They release very little heat and light distribution is more homogeneous than CFLs.

All lamps found here are used for the growth stage of plants.

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Propagator Agrobrite T5 4x24w

Set of tubes of flourescent Propagator Lightwave T5 manufactured to facilitate seed germination, rooting of cuttings and maintenance of small plants in their early [...]

  • 80.75€ 64.60€

Propergator or Turboneon WARM 55w

Sylvania 55W WARM fluorescent tube (relacement part) for Turboneon or Propergator lighting systems, for the flowering phase. [...]

  • 8.00€ 6.40€

Replacement Tube Propegator - Mixed

The Mixed replacement Tube 2100k Turboneon Propergator emits very little heat, allowing us so to work up to 5 cm over the plants. The type of this fluorescent light spectru [...]

  • 8.00€ 4.80€

RootIt T5 Link cord

Now available in Alchimia the Link Cord for RootIt Light Strips [...]

  • 3.50€ 2.45€

Universal Strip Stand for Sunblaster T5HO

With the universal strip stand for Sunblaster T5HO we can adjust the height of the lamp easily and quickly, ahcieving the optimum distance between our plants and the light source i [...]

  • 39.00€ 35.10€

Universal T5 light Strip

The Sunblaster T5 light Strip universal lamp holder offers a simple and economical solution for hanging up to seven T5 fluorescent tubes. The two rails are [...]

  • 15.00€ 9.00€
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