Outdoor cannabis grow kits

Here we present exclusive kits created by Alchimiaweb intended for outdoor growing. They cover all the needs that we can encounter in outdoor growing, for beginners and professionals. Certainly all the sets with everything you need for a first cultivation, with different pot sizes, from 7L to 50L, and make the most of the space available.

Kits for outdoor cannabis growing. For all types of outdoor spaces

The kits are carefully designed so that the grower, with just one product can start growing. There is no need to look for information in many different places, offering the certainty that the cultivation will produce fruit in the best way. There are special kits for terraces and balconies, special sets for auto-flowering varieties,… All of them with the best products in quality-price. The professional kits are also intended for people looking for the highest possible quality, and take the outdoor growing to the next level.

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Outdoor Basic Starter Kit for 3 Autoflowering

A kit specially designed for growing auto-flowering plants on a terrace, balcony or garden This set is compost of growing soil (Plagron LightMix), special [...]

  • Without Soi 46.91€ 42.20€
  • With soil 57.61€ 51.80€

Outdoor Basic Starter Kit - 8 plants

Alchimiaweb kit with all the necessary elements for outdoor growing on balconies, terraces and gardens. This set includes 7L pots, Plagron LightMix 50L bag [...]

  • Without soil 48.51€ 43.65€
  • With soil 59.21€ 53.25€

Outdoor Basic Starter Kit - 1 plant

Alchimia presents the Basic Outdoor Kit, a set intended for people who have a small outdoor space yet looking for a good production. With that kit [...]

  • Without soil 36.11€ 32.45€
  • With soil 54.81€ 49.30€

Soil Regenerator Kit

Alchimia presents Soil Regenerator Kit, a potting soil regenerator set of products designed to improve the quality of the potting soil once used. It is composed of [...]

  • 44.36€ 39.90€

Complete Outdoor Starter Kit - 8 plants

The Complete Outdoor Starter Kit comes with all the accessories required for your first cultivation to obtain highest yield possible. It is a selection of products carefully select [...]

  • Without Soil 111.35€ 100.20€
  • With soil 122.05€ 109.80€

Basic Outdoor Starter Kit - 5 plants

Alchimia presents the Outdoor Basic Starter Kit, perfect for those who are looking to grow cannabis at home with not much outdoor space. You can c [...]

  • Without Soil 93.80€ 84.40€
  • With soil (Out of stock) 187.30€ 168.55€

Guerrilla Outdoor Grow Kit

Kit with all the necessary elements for outdoor cultivation We have put together the essential products to create symbiosis with the mother earth, intended for as few tri [...]

  • 5 plants 54.00€ 48.60€
  • 10 plants 73.48€ 66.10€
  • 20 plants 110.49€ 99.40€

Outdoor Basic Starter Kit - 10 Auto-flowering

Alchimia presents this kit specially designed for growers who love cultivate auto-flowering plants and want to enjoy an easy and hassle-free gardening experience. [...]

  • Without Soil 129.80€ 116.80€
  • With soil 172.60€ 155.30€

Outdoor Basic Starter Kit - 15 plants

Alchimiaweb presents a kit for outdoor growing on balconies, terraces or gardens. It is ideal for growers who want to enrich their soil and irrigate only with water [...]

  • Without Soil 71.36€ 64.20€
  • With seeds 92.76€ 83.45€

Complete Outdoor Starter Kit - 15 plants

Alchimia presents the Complete Outdoor Starter Kit, with all the essential supplements to ensure maximum yields and optimal production. The elemen [...]

  • Without Soil 154.20€ 138.75€
  • With soil 175.60€ 158.00€
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