Guerrilla Outdoor Grow Kit

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Kit with all the necessary elements for outdoor cultivation

We have put together the essential products to create symbiosis with the mother earth, intended for as few trips to the cultivation site as possible. We have also chosen products that are not too heavy or too big, so that they are easy to carry.

If you want to grow outdoors in a more professional way, we recommend the basic outdoor starter kit for 8 plants or the complete starter kit for 15 plants.

Guerrilla cannabis cultivation, everything you need altogether

The kit is based on Polymers together with Powder Feeding Bio Bloom and OidioProt. Polymers are a great help to maintain the correct humidity of the substrate and ensure that the plants do not run out of water. They have the capacity to absorb between 200 and 400 times their dry volume of water, so adding them mixed with the substrate when preparing the cultivation area (5-10% of the volume) improves the capacity to retain it.

Guerrilla growing kit, easy to carry and use

OidioProt is used for the protection of fungi, specifically against powdery mildew, and it will be applied every 10 days during both the growth and flowering phases. During the growth phase, the nutrients already present in the soil will do their job, but for flowering, we will give them a boost with PF Bio Bloom. Applying 2-3 ml/L of substrate (if using a pot) or 100 g in soil will be enough to obtain large plants.

Guerrilla Grow Kit - 5 plants – elements:

Guerrilla Grow KIT - 10 plants – elements:

  • 1 Polymers 500g
  • 1 G.H. Powder Feeding Bio Bloom 500g
  • 1 Proteco Oidioprot 100mg

Guerrilla Grow KIT - 20 plants – elements:

  • 2 Polymers 500g
  • 1 G.H. Powder Feeding Bio Bloom 1Kg
  • 1 Proteco Oidioprot 100mg


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Properties of Guerrilla Outdoor Grow Kit

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