Outdoor guerrilla kit

Outdoor guerrilla kit
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Now available for you in Alchimia, this outdoor guerrilla kit has been especially designed so your outdoor marijuana plants have everything they need for a proper growth and bloom. It includes fertilizers, polymers and natural enhancers to protect your plants from pests and diseases.

The BioTabs Guerrilla Box, low-absorption organic nutrients, ensure a huge production of flowers and fruits with the best flavour, just as in any other organic crop.

It contains 20 Guerrila Tabs (10gr/each), compressed pellets with a N-P-K- content of 10-8-8 that slowly release nutrients in the soil as we irrigate it, so plants have always their needed amount of elements available. These tabs also stimulate soil life, enhancing nutrient assimilation and improving the overall health of the plant.

Yields will be spectacular if you also use the included Guerrilla Juice, an organic liquid fertilizer (N-P-K 3-2-6) that highly improves bud production.

You also have a 500gr bag of polymers , which ensure that your plants don't run out of water. These polymers can absorb 200-400 times their weight in water. Mix them with your substrate (5-10% of the total volume) and you will greatly increase its water retention capacity.

Mittel is a broad-spectrum organic insecticide, effective against sucking insects like thrips, caterpillars, wasps, mealybugs, bedbugs and phytoalgae. It acts on eggs, larvae and adults. It is bee-friendly and also protects surrounding plants.

Finally, Neudo Vital is an organic phytostrengthener that protects your plants from fungal infections, enhancing its resistance to molds and other diseases. Rich in oligoelements and organic enhancers, it is environment-friendly.

Guerrilla Box use:

  • Insert in the substrate 4 tabs per plant, 5cm deep.
  • If using in containers: 5L=2 tabs, 10L=4tabs, 20L=6 tabs, 30L=6 tabs, 50L=8 tabs.
  • Guerrilla Juice: 3ml/l of water, from th 4th week of flowering until 2 weeks before harvest, then flush your plants.

Mittel use:

  • Dilute in water, dosage depends on the pest to treat: mealybugs/aphids: 20ml/l - White Flies: 15ml/l - Mites, thrips, caterpillars and other insects: 10ml/l
  • Spray you plants thoroughly during periods of low light intensity. Do not apply 15 days before harvest.

Neudo Vital use:

  • Dilute 10ml/l of irrigation water.

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