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Alchimia presents Pro Core by Athena, a fertiliser to support the plant during its whole cycle, providing it with a basic nutrition. It supplies elements to balance the NPK, together with essential microelements, combining its use with Pro Grow and Pro Bloom, specific Athena's products for growth and flowering.

Pro Core is formulated with Calcium and Nitrogen. The Calcium boosts the plant's structure while the Nitrogen increases the production of essential amino acids for processes such as the chlorophyll production, among others.

It contains essential trace elements for crucial plant functions such as catalysing photosynthesis, enzyme production and other vital processes.

Pro Core has a low heavy metal content, which is essential if the roots are not cleaned properly.

Athena recommends a dosage between 1.0-1.3g per litre, although it is also advisable to control it by measuring the pH and EC in the water using meters.

Another remarkable feature is that it is a 100% soluble product at room temperature, it does not clog irrigation systems and does not leave sediments in the tanks.

Athena Pro Core composition:

  • Phosphate available - 14%
  • Calcium - 17%
  • Boron - 0.015%
  • Iron - 0.1%

Athena Pro Core info:

  • Base fertiliser for the complete plant cycle
  • Stabilises NPK, in combination with Pro Grow and Pro Bloom
  • Incorporates essential microelements
  • Low heavy material content

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