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Alchimia presents Stack by Athena, an organic fertiliser ideal as a supplement to boost the flowers' growth, size and density. This organic nutrient is formulated with plant extracts based on algae that provide a full spectrum of vitamins, hormones and amino acids.

Stack enhances vigorous growth of both the main branch and secondary ramification. When applied in the flowering stage, it boosts flower production, density and fleshiness.

Foliar application helps to correct minor potassium deficiencies.

Athena Stack dosage:

Athena provides a dosage chart for cultivation, where the ideal period of application is from the clone or from the 2nd growth week to the 4th-5th flowering week.

  • Root soaking: 0.5ml per litre - once a week.
  • Foliar use: Spray 1.8ml per litre - once a week with lights off. Do not apply after the 3rd flowering week.
  • Transplant use: Soak the root in a 0.5ml per litre solution for 30-60 seconds.
  • Seed treatment: Soak seeds 1-2 minutes in a 1ml solution per litre of water.

Stack fertiliser composition:

  • Soluble Potassium - 1%

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