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Alchimia presents Grow A+B by Athena, a growth fertiliser formulated in two different components. It is a product indicated for the vegetative growth stage of cannabis plants, resulting in healthy and vigorous plants.

Athena Grow, growth fertiliser, vigorous and robust plants

It is elaborated with top quality raw materials, with balanced mineral levels. Athena offers fertilisers easy to use in any type of substrate, whether coco, soil or hydroponics. These products leave no residues.

Athena Grow A+B promotes high photosynthetic activity, facilitates plant respiration, root development, and the production of strong branches and trunks. Certainly the plant starts the flowering period in

Athena Grow A+B, application:

  • Apply 2-5ml of each fertiliser component to 4 litres of water
  • Check the concentration with an EC meter
  • Check and adjust the nutrient solution pH
  • Do not mix the two fertiliser components without diluting them first
  • Grow A: NPK 4-0-1
  • Grow B: NPK 1-3-5

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Opinions about Athena Grow A + B and questions


Hazeflo 10-08-2022

Hello, i would like to know if Athena nutrients are allowed to use for soil or coco and if yes what do i need to have the complete set ? Thanks :)


Alchimia Grow Shop 11-08-2022

Hi, thanks for your question. Yes, Athena can be used in coco, hydro and soil (or peat-based media, as Athena call it), with the only difference being a slightly higher target pH in soil. To have the complete set of fertilisers, you'll need Grow A+B, Bloom A+B, Cleanse, CaMg, PK and finally, Balance (pH up). For foliar applications, we have IPM to keep plants healthy, and Stack, which is a bloom booster that can be sprayed up to week 3 of bloom. I hope that helps. Best wishes and happy growing!

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