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Alchimia presents Fade by Athena, a cannabis root flushing product. It plugs the nitrogen supply during the last 2 weeks and continues to release other elements necessary to complete the cultivation with a lush flowering and maximum terpene production.

Root wash at the end of the cultivation with Fade by Athena

Fade is a product developed to wash the roots. It is used during the last 2 weeks before harvest.

It is not recommended to harvest plants loaded with nutrients. The buds do not taste good, the smoke or vapour scratches the throat, and an excess of nitrogen delays the bud’s ripening, thus decreasing the flowers quality.

Fade, higher THC lever and better terpenes

Conventional washing methods not only cuts nitrogen absorption by the plants, but also other nutrients. These are necessary, such as calcium and different microelements that help the development of the flowers, thus avoiding deficiencies and problems such as botrytis. The elimination of nitrogen in the last flowering stage promotes the plant to carry out its final life cycle optimally.

Athena Fade, in addition to be nitrogen free, helps to continue to nourish the plant by increasing the level of terpenes and THC.

Dosage: 30g per litre (approx.: 2lb per gallon) the last two weeks before cutting (to be replaced by Pro-Core at the same dosage) adjusting the pH before watering.

For any doubts, we recommend this article available on Athena's growing charts.

Athena Fade info:

  • Contains calcium and other microelements to guarantee explosive flowering with high THC and terpenes.
  • Keep in original sealed container stored at a temperature between 7-30ºC.

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