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The Hype Company


Alchimia Grow Shop presents Derdekea by The Hype, a bio-mineral growth fertiliser designed to promote lush and healthy plant development. It is a product for our cultivation outdoor or in an indoor grow tent. Derdekea, growth fertiliser with bio-sti [...]

  • 500ml12.00€
  • 1.25 l15.50€

Erelim presents Erelim Lite by The Hype, a complete organo-mineral flowering fertiliser. It is a product formulated to obtain the best results both outdoors and in an indoor grow tent. Erelim Lite, a flowering fertiliser with a bio-mineral [...]

  • 500ml10.00€
  • 1.25L15.50€


The Hype Camael is a highly concentrated calcium and magnesium additive for use in cannabis cultivation. It can be applied to any type of substrate, be it soil, coconut, or pure hydroponic systems. NPK are the macro nutrients most used by plants dur [...]

  • 500 ml13.00€
  • 1.5L25.00€


Alchimia presents Arkhas PK Booster by The Hype, an important ally to obtain abundant harvests. This product is now available in our cannabis nutrient products catalogue. Arkhas is a product that stimulates flowering, increases the plants size and i [...]

  • 250 ml20.50€
  • 500 ml27.00€
  • 1.25 l37.00€


The Hype Romiel is a flowering stimulator conceived to greatly improve marijuana plants terpenic and organoleptic capacity. It is a product with an exclusive formula consisting in a cocktail of amino acids, fulvic acids, organic matter and carbohydra [...]

  • 250 ml22.00€
  • 500 ml24.50€
  • 1,5 l49.00€


The Hype Metraton is a growth bio-stimulant formulated to support plants through the stresses that occur during cultivation. It provides the plant an extra energy boost that promotes better size and robustness, thus obtaining more abundant yields. M [...]

  • 250 ml12.50€
  • 500 ml15.50€
  • 1,5 l35.00€ 21.00€


Alchimia presents The Hype Mygal mycorrhizal gel, a highly concentrated biological inoculant that promotes substrate micro-life encouraging our marijuana plants to develop a stronger and more efficient root system. Mycorrhiza gel Mygal, a Glomus int [...]

  • 250 ml57.00€


The Hype Asaph is a specially formulated supplement to provide the main micronutrients in our plants' diets. Even if they are not required in the same volumes as the macronutrients, a lack of micronutrients quickly translates into symptoms such as lo [...]

  • 100g13.50€


It is crucial to regulate the pH level of the irrigation water or the nutrient solution used to irrigate our plants. The plant's capacity to absorb nutrients depends on this to a great extent. With pH levels that are too acidic or too alkaline the ro [...]

  • 9.50€
  • 1,25L12.50€


Petahyah is a product of The Hype Guardian line. A range of phytosanitary products developed with the registered MJ-SHIELD formula. As well as preventing specific pests, these products stimulate natural defences and improve the general plant developm [...]

  • 32.00€


Alchimia presents The Hype, a new brand of nutrients and phytosanitary products for cannabis. This company's product range provides top quality results and in abundance! Makatiel is a product from the Guardian line, developed with the registered MJ- [...]

  • 36.00€


The Hype Abbaton is a new phytosanitary product developed to prevent and control the red spider, one of the most feared pests in indoor cannabis cultivation worldwide. It is a 100% organic product. Besides acting as pests preventive, it also activate [...]

  • 41.00€


The Hype presents AF, a new product within its Guardian fitosanitary range. This product is specially formulated for the control and eradication of the White Fly. By means of MJ-SHIELD technology, The Hype has developed a series of products which sti [...]

  • 500ml34.00€

Raziel Lite

Alchimia presents The Hype Raziel Lite, a liquid root bio-stimulator to use during the plants vegetative growth stage. It stimulates root production and encourages mycorrhiza establishment. In cannabis plant cultivation, it is very important to prom [...]

  • 250 ml17.50€
  • 500 ml21.00€


Alchimia presents The Hype Barakiel Enzyme Mix, a product now available in our catalogue of cannabis plants nutrients. The use of enzymes during cannabis cultivation results in healthier plants and higher yields. The enzymes degrade the root's dead [...]

  • 250 ml15.50€
  • 500 ml22.50€


ETH is a biomolecular organic activator that helps the plant to obtain its maximum resin glands capacity, the trichomes. The Hype has developed a metabolic pathway activator that procures and enhances biomolecule production. The plant can be affecte [...]

  • 500 ml31.00€

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