Top Crop Basic Soil Kit

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The Top Crop Basic Soil Kit is a set conceived by Alchimiaweb. Here we offer all the necessary products, within the Top Crop Soil range, to ensure a perfect cultivation.

Also, with the Top Crop Professional Soil Kit, you can obtain a truly professional result. A kit that extends the products offered here, adding all the necessary complements for a cultivation with no deficiencies whatsoever.

Soil is the Top Crop base fertiliser included in this set. It is a fertiliser that contains all the main, secondary and micronutrients required by the plants. A complete and balanced nutrition for all the plants' growth stages. It is a 2-part fertiliser (A+B), so it is advisable to first dilute the necessary amount of solution A in water, and then add the corresponding proportion of solution B, mixing the whole solution again.

Top Crop Basic Soil Kit Complements:

  • Top Crop Deeper Underground 250ml: A growth booster and root developer. Use only during the first cultivation week.
  • Top Crop Big One 1L: A flowering booster, which can increase the results by up to 40% flower and up to 30% resin production. It is formulated with algae extracts.
  • Top Crop Microvita 50g: A product formulated with different fungi and bacteria species that, combined, greatly improve the plants' ability to absorb nutrients. It also increases root protection and enhances dead matter decomposition.
  • Top Crop Top Candy 1L: A product containing a large quantity of sugars and carbohydrates that enhance the plant's quality and greatly increase production. These are essential elements for the plant to produce sugars that fuel its metabolism.
  • Top Crop Pk13-14 1L: A product that ensures that phosphorus and potassium are present in abundant quantities and are quickly assimilated by the plants. Ideal for cultivation in soil, coco fibre or hydroponic systems.

Top Crop Basic Soil Kit:

  • Top Crop Soil A: 1L
  • Top Crop Soil B: 1L
  • Top Crop Deeper Underground: 250ml
  • Top Crop Big One: 1L
  • Top Crop Microvita: 50g
  • Top Crop Top Candy: 1L
  • Top Crop Pk13-14: 1L

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