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Biotabs Starter Kit allows you to grow from 5 to 10 cannabis plants, depending on the volume of the pots. This kit includes:

  • 25 gr of Bactrex
  • 50 gr of Mycotrex
  • 10 Biotabs tablets
  • 250 ml of Orgatrex liquid fertilizer
  • 250 gr of Startrex

Recommended for slightly enriched soils like Light Mix . If used with richer soil, we recommend using a soil that contains organic nutrients (bio).

Biotabs products do not contain pathogens or genetically modified organisms and are allowed for organic farming by 834/2007 Directive (EC), being safe for the environment.

Use of Biotabs Starter Pack:

* For seedlings or cuttings:


1) Add 25 grams (two eatspoons) of STARTREX per 5L of substrate.

2) Add 3 grams (three teaspoons) of MYCOTREX for seedlings or cuttings.

3) Mix thoroughly.

4) Make a hole in each pot to accommodate the seedlings or cuttings, and spread 2 grams of MYCOTREX per plant.

5) Plant you cutting or seedling.

6)Use 1 biotab for a 5L container, 2 for a 10L, 3 for a 20L and 5 Biotabs for 50L containers. Bury these tablets 5cm deep in the soil.

7) Water the pot with 1 gram (one teaspoon) of BACTREX per liter of water.

During cultivation:

  • The first 4 weeks give tap water only.
  • Fifth week of cultivation: Dilute 20 ml of ORGATREX fertilizer and 1 gram of BACTREX in 500 ml of water. Use 500 ml of this nutrient solution per plant, only one time.
  • From the sixth week until the harvest: Give tap water only. If at any time you feel that the plants could consume more nutrients, use a solution of 5 ml of Orgatrex per liter of water.

With Biotabs tablets is very important to use the right size pots: we recommend using 7 or 11L pots for small plants and 20 to 50L for larger ones.

We can see that it will not be necessary to adjust PH and EC with this method of organic fertilization.

* Reusing Potting Soil:

When using Biotabs productys it is not necessary to throw the soil away after a single use, it can be reused many times.

Remove the plant stem, leaving the roots, and remove the first layer of 5 cm of soil and replace it with new soil enriched with 25 gr of Startrex and 3 grams of Mycotrex per seedling or cutting.

Make sure that the substrate is not completely dry between two plantings. Leave the soil in the pot or container if you are going to reuse it. Do not mix it in, otherwise it may damage the soil microbial life.

You can reuse again the soil several times if these instructions are followed.

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Opinions about BioTabs Starter Pack and questions


walter blanco 30-04-2020
Those flushing products look great, thank you Alchimia for helping newbies like me :) I got two more questions. With this organic pack, how much run off water must I get after each watering ? I've read too much run off is bad when using organic fertilizers. 2 Is it useful to monitor the run off nutrient levels with a tds meter ? What should the levels be for organic nutes?

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 04-05-2020
No worries at all, glad to be of help! Yes, you're right, it's not necessary to have too much runoff at all with regular soil organic cultivation, and while there's nothing wrong with checking the EC and pH of the runoff, there's not really any need, especially with systems like BioTabs, which are designed to keep things as simple and easy as possible. I hope that helps, all the best and happy growing!


walter blanco 29-04-2020
Hello again and thank you for your answer! I have followed the instructions and used the Biotabs accordingly, but I have under watered my plant in the beginning which has led to a nitrogen toxicity. Some of the bigger leaves are a little on the dark green side and very clawy at the tip. Stems are weakish on the smaller leaves. The strain is Northern Light Auto (rqs) and I'm using a 125 led grow light. 13 week old. What things can I do to prevent NT from ruining the flavour of my buds ??

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 30-04-2020

Hi again Walter, thanks for getting back to us. It's a complicated situation, you could probably try flushing, although as far as I understand, you've been feeding water only throughout most of the cycle, because all the nutrients are in the tabs, in the soil. The only risk with flushing is that you stress the plant by over-watering, depriving the roots of oxygen and which can also lead to clawing and droopy leaves. Personally I think I would just wait it out, keep feeding water and allow the plant to mature to the absolute maximum point while waiting for the leaves to fade at least a little. If you wanted to, you could apply an enzyme solution which will help to consume the excess nutrient residue in the substrate, products like Canna Flush, Final Flush and Vitalink Finale will all do the trick.

Best of luck, I hope it works out well in the end.
Happy harvesting!


walter blanco 28-04-2020
Hello Alchimia. Since this is an organic fertilizer, is it needed to flush your plants before harvest?

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 29-04-2020
Hi Walter, thanks for your comment and question. There's no need to flush if you've followed the directions and added the correct amount of BioTabs for each container. If the foliage on your plants is still looking very green then it's best to wait a while before harvesting, to allow the plants to consume the rest of their stored nutrition and to get a smoother flavour from the end product. I hope that helps, best wishes and happy growing!

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