Lurpe Hydrolyzed Kelp

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Alchimia Grow Shop presents Lurpe Hydrolyzed Kelp, a water-soluble kelp meal designed to be administered in irrigation or by foliar application to our plants both outdoors and in an indoor grow tent.

Lurpe Hydrolyzed Kelp, stimulates plant development

Lurpe Hydrolysed Kelp 200g is a 100% vegetable kelp extract (Ascophyllum nodosum) obtained from the crystalline waters of the Arctic Circle. The product is processed in Norway by means of alkaline hydrolysis.

It has a high nutrient concentration, providing 0.2% potassium oxide (K2O), 12.5% alginic acid and 4% mannitol. It also contains vitamins, iron, iodine, trace elements and growth regulating phytohormones among other beneficial elements.

The plants absorb all the kelp properties in concentrated form. The different elements are obtained by the plant via the roots or the leaves in a very fast and efficient way, boosting the plant's growth and vigour.

Lurpe Hydrolyzed Kelp, applied via foliar or in irrigation

Unlike kelp meal, this product is transformed through hydrolysis into a water-soluble fertiliser. The ease of dissolving in water enables a much better dosage, and makes it easier for the plants to assimilate it.

In use in direct root irrigation we apply a dosage of 0.2-0.3g per litre of water, while if we spray our plants the dosage will be 0.25-0.5g per litre of water.

Both methods are very effective, although spraying would be more efficient in case our plants need a small push or if they have suffered stress.

Lurpe Hydrolyzed Kelp info:

  • Hydrolysed / water-soluble kelp meal
  • 100% vegetable extract
  • From the Arctic Circle waters
  • Processed in Norway by alkaline hydrolysis
  • Can be used via foliar and in the irrigation water
  • Foliar dosage: 0.25-0.5g per litre
  • Irrigation dosage: 0.2-0.3g per litre
  • Contains 0.2% potassium oxide (K2O), 12.5% alginic acid and 4% mannitol, vitamins, iron, iodine, trace elements and growth regulating phytohormones

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