TRABE Diatical (Diatomaceous Earth)

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Now available in Alchimiweb, Trabe Diatomaceous Earth, now called Diatical, is an organic nutrient/insecticide formulated from seaweed accumulations on the seabed.

This mineral supplement has a very low density and enhances the nutritional properties of the soil while reinforcing the plants defences against pests and diseases.

It can be applied via foliar and via irrigation, using 10g/L as preventive or 20g/L as treatment.

It damages the keratin of the insects and does not generate tolerance on the pests to treat.

Trabe Diatical features:

  • Product of plant origin
  • Made from accumulations of seaweed on the seabed
  • Damages the keratin of insects
  • Preventive dosage: 10g/L
  • Treatment dosage: 20g/L
  • Via foliar and irrigation

Properties of TRABE Diatical (Diatomaceous Earth)

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