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Alchimia presents Sensizym by Advanced Nutrients, an enzyme complex that helps to improve plant performance while saving money on fertilisers. Enzymes are molecules that play an important role in the plant's root activity and health. Enzymes assist in the decomposition of dead roots and other organic matter present in the growing medium, transforming them into rapidly and effectively assimilated nutrients available to plants.

Not all enzymes work equally well. This product combines enzymes that are very efficient at breaking down other molecules and converting them into elements assimilated by plants. These obtain better nutrition, so the grower does not need to provide a large amount of fertiliser to achieve similar results. Moreover, it is much more environmentally friendly and sustainable to add enzymes to the substrate than a larger quantity of fertilisers!

In addition to breaking down toxic plant matter and converting it into assimilable nutrients, enzyme activity produces certain sugars that nourish microbial colonies in the substrate. Enzymes certainly provide nutrition not only to plants, but also to microbes and beneficial bacteria.

Sensizym can be used in all types of growing environments and substrates, also in hydroponic and aeroponic systems by adding it to the nutrient deposit together with the other products. Salt build-up is no longer a problem with Sensizym!

Advanced Nutrients Sensizym dosage and instructions for use:

  • 2ml per litre of water during flowering, also for mother plant maintenance.

Advanced Nutrients Sensizym info:

  • High quality enzyme complex
  • Helps to break down organic matter and dead roots
  • Converts toxic substances into nutrients
  • Nurtures beneficial microbial life
  • Prevents salt build-up in the substrate

Advanced Nutrients Sensizym composition:

  • 10 units/ml Beta Glucanase
  • 850 units/ml Cellulose
  • 200 units/ml Xylanase

Properties of Sensizym

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