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Naturally, enzymes are biological catalysts which accelerate chemical reactions. Since most metabolic processes of the cell need enzymes, these are necessary to sustain life.

When growing cannabis, we use enzymes to break down organic debris - such as dead roots - present in the substrate.

In this way, we have a healthy soil, which means our plants are less sensitive to fungal attacks. Enzymes also promote microbial life in the soil.

Thus, when using enzymes we enhance the overall health status and development of our plants while caring for the substrate, optimizing our crop and taking profit from all resources.



Alchimia presents Sensizym by Advanced Nutrients, an enzyme complex that helps to improve plant performance while saving money on fertilisers. Enzymes are molecules that play an important role in the plant's root activity and health. Enzymes assist i [...]

  • 250 ml11.49€ 9.15€
  • 500 ml21.05€ 16.80€
  • 1L38.24€ 30.55€

Biomineral Fertilizer Kit - The Hype

The Hype Biomineral Kit is now available. In this kit we have added all the products of The Hype that create the perfect symbiosis for a crop with biomineral fertilizers. The products included in this kit are broken down below: THE HYPE Derdekea 500 [...]

  • (Out of stock)125.55€

Terra Power Kit Root Help

Alchimia presents Terra Power Root Help Kit, a set of fertilisers conceived by Alchimiaweb aimed at improving the plants root system. This is based on specialised Terra Power products for this effect, creating an ideal synergy in the substrate so tha [...]

  • 211.06€ 158.25€

CANNA Cannazym

CannaZYM from CANNA contains more than 15 different high quality enzymes, used for the disintegration of (hemi) - cellulose and to stimulate microbial life. CannaZYM has been enriched with specific vitamins and extracts from desert plants. CannaZYM [...]

  • 1 L20.33€ 16.25€
  • 5 L84.75€ 67.80€

Metrop Enzymes

Alchimia Grow Shop and Metrop present here the additive Enzymes, a plant supplement enriched with enzymes that stimulates the processes of marijuana plants enhancing their development. This bio catalyst regulates the chemical processes involved in t [...]

  • 250ml23.35€ 17.50€
  • 1L41.14€ 30.85€
  • 5L154.88€ 116.15€


Hygrozyme is the result of years of plant research and works to clean, strengthen and optimise the root system of your cannabis plants, allowing them to flourish and reach their full genetic potential. It's unique concentrated, bacteria-free organic [...]

  • 4 L205.70€ 164.55€


Terra Power Atlas belongs to a product line of vitamin and enzyme supplements formulated to break down dead roots by increasing the aeration of the substrate using amino acids and enzymes. Designed for use during the entire flowering period, except f [...]

  • 500 ml17.52€ 13.10€
  • 1L31.80€ 23.85€

H&G Multi Zyme

Multi Zyme from House & Garden is an extremely useful growth stimulator. Multi Zyme from House & Garden accelerates and simplifies the process of growth as well as increasing the plant's immunity. Enzymes transform nutrients into “diges [...]

  • 500 ml15.43€ 13.10€
  • 1 L23.84€ 20.25€
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Plagron Pure Zym 500ml

This enzyme compound is really a must-have for any modern grower. Enzymes - highly specialised protein molecules - are produced, among others, by bacteria and fungi and act as accelerators (catalyst) of a number of biochemical processes in which mol [...]

  • 250 ml11.45€ 9.70€
  • 500ml17.05€ 14.45€
  • 5 L128.20€ 96.15€

HESI Powerzyme

Powerzyme from HESI is an enzyme extract for plants, obtained from natural fermentation. It stimulates root growth, increases the plant resistance, removes harmful compounds, activates beneficial microorganisms in the substrate and accelerates the ab [...]

  • 1 L19.00€ 14.25€
  • 5 L72.85€ 54.60€

Uzyme 1L

Now available online at Alchimiaweb, UGroNutrients present the root care product UZyme, a concentrated enzyme preparation specially formulated for cannabis cultivation in coco substrates. UZyme works to break down old roots and maintain optimum oxyg [...]

  • 38.15€ 28.60€

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