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Terra Power Atlas belongs to a product line of vitamin and enzyme supplements formulated to break down dead roots by increasing the aeration of the substrate using amino acids and enzymes. Designed for use during the entire flowering period, except for the last week before harvest.

After a long growm whether indoors or outdoors, the substrate is filled with roots, some of which die during cultivation , but continue to occupy space, which can complicate the development of new roots.

By using Atlas, the dead roots that no longer contribute anything, will break down to become food for the plants and in turn free up space for the new roots to take their place and continue with adequate nutrition.

By making the most of the substrate due to the root explosion that Altas creates, an increase in production of between 18 and 20% is achieved.

The application of Atlas is from 1 - 2 ml per litre during weeks 1 to 6 of flowering, and is also compatible with hydroponic solutions.

Terra Power Atlas info:

  • Contains amino acids and enzymes
  • Dosage: 1 to 2 ml per litre
  • Use during all through flowering except the last week

Properties of Atlas

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