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Bud Factor X
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Alchimia presents Bud Factor X by Advanced Nutrients, a product formulated to improve the production of resin, essential oils, as well as the harvest volume and weight, besides boosting the cannabis plants' defence mechanism. It can be used from the first to the sixth week of flowering. It works perfectly in combination with other products such as Piranha, Voodoo Juice and Tarantula.

Bud Factor X, high production of buds, resin and terpenes

Bud Factor X increases the harvest quality and performance. It directly influences the essential oils content of the plant. These oils directly contribute to the resin, aromas and final flavour. This product boosts the terpenes profile, increasing the yield and resulting in much more aromatic and resistant plants. Resins and essential oils are part of the plant's defence system against insects and spider attacks, such as spider mites that get trapped in the resin's viscosity. Other species stay away from the flowers repelled by the bud's composition and terpene profile.

Bud Factor X, root booster

Bud Factor X's balanced bioactive components encourage the plant to continue photosynthetic rhythms at a time when these should be slowing down. The product's formulation, due to its low nitrogen and vitamin B content, stimulates root development considerably. This enhances the uptake of available nutrients in a much faster and more efficient way, especially in combination with products such as Piranha, Voodoo Juice and Tarantula liquid.

Bud Factor X, for soil, coco and hydroponic cultivation

Bud Factor X is applied from the beginning of flowering to ensure high levels of resin and essential oil production. They provide beneficial bacteria to the substrate that help the root system to grow healthy and strong, producing much more aromatic and heavier flowers with higher bud and resin yields.

Bud Factor X should be applied from the first to the sixth flowering week, at a dose of 2ml per litre in the irrigation. It is a product suitable for all types of substrates such as soil and coco. It can be used in other different hydroponic and aeroponic systems, as it does not clog drippers or leave any sediment in the tanks. It is certainly a very good choice for use in drip irrigation systems.

It contains water soluble magnesium, magnesium nitrate, glucosamine, crustaceans and plant extracts. It is not recommended for use as a spray on plants.

Bud Factor X does not contain any banned products in cannabis cultivation

Bud Factor X does not contain paclobutrazol, daminozide or other banned products.

It is compatible with all pH Perfect® and non pH Perfect® Base Nutrients. Can also be used with other manufacturers' base nutrients and supplements.

Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X info:

  • Increases essential oils, resin and terpenes production
  • Boosts root growth
  • Increases the plant's defence mechanism
  • Suitable for all substrates and cultivation (Suitable for drip irrigation)
  • Contains no banned products

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