Fertiberia Total Discharge Insecticide Bomb

Fertiberia Total Discharge Insecticide Bomb
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Now available at Alchimia Grow Shop the Fertiberia Total Discharge Insecticide Bomb, an effective, fast and easy way to completely eradicate all kinds of insects.

This insecticide fumigation bomb is effective in infestations of all kinds of crawling and flying insects, eliminating ants, ticks, cockroaches, fleas, red spiders, thrips, mosquitoes, white and black flies, moths... easily removing any type of cannabis pests from a room.

Fergiberia Total Discharge Insecticide Bomb, quickly eliminates all kinds of insects

It is as effective against adult living individuals, as well as againts eggs and larvae, fulminating thoroughly and effectively without leaving any trace of live insects.

The application is via spraying the product neat in a vertical position in the middle of the room (up to 20 square meters or 60 cubic meters), placed on a chair or on table a little above the floor facilitating a better smoke distribution.

It is important to leave cupboards, drawers and other areas in the room open, so that the product acts on all potentially infected surfaces, with the certainty that it also spreads into cracks, crevices or small holes where may be insect nests.

We activate the bomb by pressing the valve to release the product, ensuring any doors and windows to the outside are closed in the indoors cannabis growing area. We must ensure that no people, animals, or even plants are left inside the treated area.

Total Discharge Insecticide Bomb, easy to use and very safe

Keep the treated area sealed for about 8-24 hours for a in-deep action. After the set time, the area needs to be ventilated suitably at least for 10 minutes before going back into it.

It is important to apply the product simultaneously in all infested rooms to prevent insects from moving to a nearby open room and quickly re-infesting the area. We need to consider that in case of a heavy infestation at least 3 applications are recommended , repeating the treatment every 10-15 days.

In this way, we ensure that the insect reproductive and life cycle is disrupted, eliminating all individuals that may hatch from surviving eggs hidden in the air extraction system, in the light reflector or other nooks and crannies, preventing a new infestation and maximizing effectiveness.

This product does not leave any odours, stains or harmful residues to humans or animals. It ensures that the indoor area where we grow our favourite cannabis varieties is 100% clean and ready once well-ventilated.

Fertiberia Total Discharge Insecticide Bomb info:

  • 100ml insecticide discharge
  • Disinfection capacity: 20 m2 or 60 m3
  • Effective against all kinds of flying and crawling insects
  • Effective against red spider mites, thrips, aphids, white and black flies, ants, mealybugs, mites, caterpillars...
  • Composition: Cifenotrin 0.40%, D-Tetrametrina 0.40%, isopropyl alcohol, aliphatic solvent, propellant 100% CSP
  • Does not stain, leave no odour or residues
  • Form of application: place the bomb in the middle of the room a little above the floor, close all doors and windows, open all drawers and cupboards in the room, press the valve and leave the room, allow the product for 8 to 24 hours for a deep-down action, ventilate the area at least for 10 minutes before going back into it.

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