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CannaCure 1L is a potent and environmentally friendly pesticideand fungicide with a preventitive and curative action that leaves no harmful residue and at the same time works as a great foliar nutrient and growth stimulant, enabling plants to grow healthily and concentrate on producing higher yields.

Cannacure works by means of a physical action, cleaning the leaves to enable optimal photosynthesis and forming a breathable natural skin on the plants. This second skin protects from mildew spores and prevents insects from feeding. By spraying the plants once a week, thoroughly covering both sides of the leaves, Canna laboratories ensure healthier plants, vigorous growth, free from pests and diseases.

Cannacure is fully biodegradable and is suitable for cannabis cultivation indoors and outdoors, as well as edible and ornamental crops, and is safe to apply up to 15 days before harvest.

Using Cannacure:

Dilute 330 ml of Cannacure in 1 litre of water (DO NOT mix with any other products, water only) and spray the plant once a week, stopping 15 days before harvest. Once prepared, the solution will last ten days before a new batch needs to be mixed.

For heavy infestations of insects like mealy bugs, spider mites or white flies, give three applications, three days apart and then continue to apply weekly.

Cannacure composition:

1.914% w / w Nitrogen
0.074% w / w iron chelate

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