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Alchimiaweb presents a Pest Control Kit by Trabe, developed from three completely organic products. What these products have in common, besides the symbiosis they create between them, is that they are made from a single primary product. This provides several benefits, such as a lower risk of incompatibility or greater versatility in the use of the product.

Trabe Pest Control Kit. An eco-friendly and vegan kit

This kit is intended to control pests of all kinds, especially outdoors. The kit includes Urtifer, Ekisan and ProNeem.

Urtifer 450g: This is a 100% organic product made from nettle (from organic cultivation) that works as a preventive against foliar fungi and as an insect repellent. It is applied at a rate of 15g per L by foliar application and in irrigation.

Ekisan 450g: This product has effective fungicidal properties and is completely organic. The efficacy of these properties comes from the fungus toxic Saponin found in the Horsetail plant. It is one of the most effective fungicides in organic farming and can also be an insecticide-acaricide against spider mites and aphids. The method of use recommended by the manufacturer is to dilute 450g of horsetail with 2L of water and leave to stand for 24 hours. This should be diluted in about 30L.

ProNeem 450g: It is highly effective against sap-sucking insects. It is also of great help in controlling soil parasites: nematodes, worms, soil larvae. And thanks to its systemic properties it is effective against flying pests. Its dosage in water is 1g per L water, while if mixed directly into the substrate it is 2-4g per L soil.

Pest Control Kit components and dosages:

  • 1 Urtifer 450g: 15g per L by foliar application and in irrigation
  • 1 Ekisan 450g: 450g of horsetail with 2L of water
  • 1 ProNeem 450g: In irrigation 1g per L of water. Mixed into the substrate with 2-4g per L of soil

Properties of Pest Control Kit - Trabe

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