Delta 9
Delta 9
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Delta 9

Delta nine from Cannabiogen , is a potent metabolic bio-stimulator, perfect for combining with basic organic fertilizers.

Besides magnesium NPK macronutrients, it has a balanced input of 60 micronutrients and a wide range of amino acids, vitamins and enzyme complexes, carbohydrates and antioxidants, encouraging increased flower production by 30% and of resin production 25%.

It also increases the activity of the biosynthesis of cannabinoids, especially THC and can even alter the final effect of our marijuana for an amazing potency.

Cannabiogen Delta 9 Dosage:

  • 4/6 ml / 1L of water, preferably without calcium
  • Apply as a foliar spray 10 days before flowering, apply twice more every 10 days, continue with fertigation for absorption by the roots, if you want to increase performance.

Fertigation means the supply of fertilizer distributed every day of the growing cycle, which as a result allows excellent metering and problems arising from excessive use of fertilizer timely prevented.

In indoor cultivation and hydroponics use maximum doses.

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