Delta 8 by Cannabiogen

Delta 8 by Cannabiogen
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Cannabiogen presents their new metabolic plant stimulators, featuring here Delta 8 in it's 500ml format.

This high quality growth stimulator is specifically formulated by Cannabiogen to promote maximum development in our plants during the vegetative growth phase, encouraging them to form a strong and effective root system and laying the groundwork that perfectly prepares plants for healthy, vigorous and productive flowering.

Delta 8 activates the natural metabolic processes of plants, without altering them, promoting natural enzymatic and protein activity vital to the healthy development of cannabis plants.

Composed of a large number of macro and micro nutrients, carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins and bio-stimulators, all of which promote and stimulate the plants to strong vigorous growth as they form roots, branches and leaves.

Suitable for use in both outdoor and indoor cultivation.

Cannabiogen Delta 8 info:

  • 500ml bottle
  • Weight: 584g
  • pH: 3.5


  • 51% M.O.T.
  • 9.5% Nitrogen (total)
  • 3.9% Organic nitrogen
  • 1.1% Nitric nitrogen
  • 4.5% Ammonia nitrogen
  • 0.24% Phosphorus
  • 1.11% Potassium
  • 8% Amino acids
  • Chelating Agent: lignosulfonate
  • Also contains chelated micro-elements, aminopurines, plant extracts, polymeric complexes and enzymes

Micro-elements contained in Delta 8:

  • Boron 257.6 ppm
  • Cobalt 291.4 ppm
  • Copper 289.7 ppm
  • Manganese 348.2 ppm
  • Molybdenum 215.1 ppm
  • Zinc 229.4 ppm
  • Iron 210.5 ppm

Amino acids contained in Delta 8:

  • Aspartic Acid 0.41% w/w
  • Serine 0.80% w/w
  • Glicine 0.57% w/w
  • Arginine 0.96% w/w
  • Tyrosine 0.15% w/w
  • Methionine <0.09% w/w
  • Isoleucine 0.31% w/w
  • Lisine 0.33% w/w
  • Proline 0.81% w/w
  • Glutamic acid 1.96% w/w
  • Histidine <0.10% w/w
  • Threonine 0.40% w/w
  • Alanine 0.42% w/w
  • Valine 0.34% w/w
  • Fenilalanine 0.18% w/w
  • Leucine 0.30% w/w
  • Hydroxiproline <0.05% w/w
  • Aminobutric acid <0.08% w/w

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Opinions about Delta 8 by Cannabiogen and questions


Marcin 04-12-2019
or 6 ml delta + canna? isn't that too much? System dwc

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 05-12-2019
Hi Marcin. Yes, I think 6ml per litre might be too much to begin with. I'd start low and increase the dosage gradually. Smaller plants and seedling will need a lower dose. All the best!


Marcin 04-12-2019
Delta8 + canna at the same time ??? Or only use delta 8 + roota?

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 05-12-2019
Hi Marcin, yes you can use it alongside the Canna growth fertiliser, although I wouldn't recommend using the full 6ml dose at first. Start with 3ml of Delta 8 and increase as you feel necessary. Hope that helps, all the best and happy growing!


Marcin 04-12-2019
can it be used with canna + delta 8. or only delta8 products??

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 04-12-2019
Hi Marcin, yes, you can use this product perfectly well alongside other brands of fertiliser such as Canna without any problem at all. In fact, many of the growers I know don't just stick to one brand of nutrient but mix and match as suits them. Best wishes and happy growing!


nelisiwe 20-09-2018
your response bears reference. How much are the seeds and how much will it cost to ship them to me.

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 20-09-2018

Hi nelisiwe, it depends on the strain and the Seedbank, here's the link for South Africa shipping cost-->available shipping methods for South Africa. Best regards !


nelisiwe 19-09-2018
How do I get this Delta 8 I reside in South Africa

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 20-09-2018


We're sorry, but we can only ship seeds to your country. 



Joseph Cariglio 10-06-2018
Is this Delta 8 the cancer fighter I've been reading about?

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 11-06-2018

Hi Joseph,

Not at all!! Delta 8 is a booster for plants, it doesn't have anything to do with medicines.


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