Basic Reflector Pro

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This simple yet high quality reflector features a practical ventilation grille to prevent heat build-up above the bulb.

The bulb holder is suitable for all types of bulbs used in cannabis cultivation (250, 400, 600 HPS & MH) and is unique in that the fastening of the lamp holder is of a stronger build, enabling it to easily support the increased weight of the larger wattage energy-efficient bulbs.

The Basic Reflector Pro is supplied with a Shucko cable to connect directly to the mains electricity. This is only for use with low energy CFL bulbs.

To work with HPS or Metal Halide bulbs you will need an additional Plug & Play cable (not supplied) to connect to the ballast.

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Opinions about Basic Reflector Pro and questions


Verbal 09-02-2017
I'm just in set up phase and want to avoid using an air cooled light. I will be using a 600 watt bulb in a 1m2 tent. Would you recommend this reflector for this type of set up? How efficient are the vents on top of the reflector? And finally what fan cm3 would you recommend for this set up? Thank you in advance for the answer.

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 09-02-2017

Hi Verbal,

Since I don't know where you live, it is hard to tell wheter you'll need an air cooled reflector or not. In my area, it is really difficult to grow in summer with normal reflectors, so I normally use air cooled reflectors during summer and open reflectors during the rest of the year. That works great if you don't have air conditioning.

Another option I use in my smallest grow tent is using a 600W lamp in autumn, winter and beginning of spring, and then I replace it for a 400W cooltube system during the hottest months of the year.

The vents are much more efficient if you place the end of the ducting of your extraction system right above them.

About your fan, if we're talking about the extraction fan a 125mm extractor is perfect for your setup. On the other hand.

Hope it helped!

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