Lumatek Tekken Pro DE reflector

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Alchimiaweb presents the professional Lumatek Tekken Pro DE reflector, with an enclosed design and double-ended socket. It is designed to maximise light efficiency from the HM/HPS 400V or CMH bulb, thereby optimising your indoor marijuana cultivation.

Lumatek Tekken Pro DE reflector, made of aluminium in an enclosed design

This premium quality reflector is available in two different versions:

  • Tekken Pro Hammertone, made from 99.99% pure hammered aluminium with a stucco finish, offering a 92% light reflection index.
  • Tekken Pro Miro is also manufactured from 99.9% pure aluminium, but in this case it is completely smooth adding a Super Reflective Oxide layer which provides 95% reflectivity, making it one of the most effective reflectors on the market.

It measures 615mm x 615mm x 220mm, suitable for indoor grow tents and rooms from 1.2m x 1.2m to 1.5m x 1.5m. The reflector optimises light output and distributes it evenly.

It has two apertures at the top to dissipate the hot air generated by the lamp, thus eliminates the possibility of bag formation and ensures the optimal temperature at the plant tips.

Lumatek Tekken Pro DE reflector, 95% reflection

It has a SPPDS-A socket with K12x30s plugs to connect CMH Double Ended bulbs up to 630W, and HM HPS bulbs up to 1000W 400V DE. It is definitely easy to install and provides an excellent performance and durability.

The connection cable is fully protected in a ventilated top compartment in order to guarantee maximum safety. It has a connection box to connect it to the ballast in the most secure way.

The connection box is located at the top of the reflector. It incorporates two hooks to hang it on the ceiling of our indoor grow tent using Alchimia Light Hangers or suspension pulleys.

Lumatek Tekken Pro DE reflector info:

  • Professional reflector for indoor cultivation
  • Dimensions: 615mm x 615mm x 220mm
  • Weight: 1.3kg
  • Covers an area from 1.2mx1.2m to 1.5mx1.5m
  • Four-sided enclosed design with top ventilation
  • 92% reflection
  • Insulated connection cable with junction box for safe connection to the ballast
  • Double-ended socket
  • Compatible with CMH up to 630W or HP/HM up to 1000W/400V
  • Miro option: Smooth aluminum and 95% reflectivity
  • Hammerton Option: hammered aluminium and 92% Reflectivity

Properties of Lumatek Tekken Pro DE reflector

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