Lumatek HPS Bulb

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HPS lamp by manufacturer Lumatek, known for offering high quality products for our indoor growing facility, such as its electronic ballast with power regulator.

This range of bulbs have a wide spectrum, i.e. they offer a range of colours that will be useful both for growth, but especially for flowering, providing satisfactory results in both phases. Ideal for those who do not wish to buy two bulbs or who do not want to make life difficult for themselves.

Available in 400w and 600w, they have a life of about 24,000h, with a light intensity of 55,000 and 90,000 lumens respectively.

Lumatek HPS 400/660 w Bulb Specifications:

  • Bulb type: TD46
  • Power voltage: 230V 50Hz
  • Current: 4.6 A at 400w and 6.2 A at 600w
  • Rated hours: 28,000 approx.
  • Color temperature: 2,000 Kelvins
  • Luminous efficiency (lm/W): 140 at 400w and 150 at 600w
  • Luminous flux (lm): 56,500 lumens at 400w and 90,000 lumens at 600w
  • PPF: 700 μmol/s in 400 w and 1,000 μmol/s in 600w
  • CRI (color rendering index): 20
  • Base Designation:: E40

Properties of Lumatek HPS Bulb

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Opinions about Lumatek HPS Bulb and questions


GL 29-01-2020
I have hear that hps and mh lamps are usually changed every 6-12 months. 24000 hours is 1000 days which is almost 3 years. Lamps cost about twice as much than usual. Do you recommend this lamp for up to three years or do lumens drop drammaticaly ? Thanks

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 29-01-2020
Hi GL, thanks for your question. Yes, Lumatek claim longer life for this lamp, saying it will last for 3 years without losing effectivity/lumens. I hope that helps, all the best and happy growing!

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