250W Lumatek Metal Halide lamp

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Alchimiaweb.com presents the Lumatek 250W 240V Metal Halide Lamp. It provides a blue-white light spectrum ideal for vegetative plant development in your indoor marijuana cultivation.

250W Lumatek Metal Halide lamp, with a quartz arc tube

It is a lamp designed to offer its maximum potential by operating with the 250W Lumatek electronic adjustable ballast. It lso works well with all types of electronic and magnetic ballasts.

It features a quartz arc tube core with a high temperature resistance, containing a horticultural gas mixture that generates an optimal output light spectrum for plant growth.

This technology emulates sunlight, offering a full spectrum and a very rich colour range while maximaising energy efficiency at the same time.

250W Lumatek Metal Halide Lamp, Pulse-Start technology

This technology ensures that virtually all the electrical energy invested in the lighting system reaches the plants in your indoor grow tent in the form of profitable light, greatly enhancing their development.

The "Pulse-Start" technology quickly turns on the lamp with less waiting time to restart it once it has been switched off.

This technology guarantees a long service life as well as enhancing the PAR/PPF stability, with a more stabilised light output and consumption.

250W Lumatek Metal Halide lamp info:

  • HM growth lamp
  • Available in 250W
  • Power: 240V 50Hz
  • Lumens: 21.000
  • Spectrum: 4200-4600ºK
  • Service life: 10.000h
  • Thread: E40

Properties of 250W Lumatek Metal Halide lamp

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