Lumatek Control Panel Plus 2.0 (HID + LED)

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Alchimia Grow Shop presents the Lumatek Control Panel Plus 2.0 (HID + LED), a lighting system controller designed to optimise MH/HPS, MH lamp equipment or LED Panels in indoor cannabis cultivation.

It has dimensions of only 128 x 80 x 25 mm. It is a compact and efficient unit for monitoring and programming the equipment according to our requirements.

Lumatek Control Panel Plus 2.0 (HID + LED): 400 HID or 100 LED ballasts

It enables to set and automate the on/off time of up to 400 HID ballasts connected in series and up to 100 LED panels distributed between its two channels.

One of the main features is that it emulates sunrise and sunset by progressively switching on and off the lamps in our grow room.

This is achieved by fluctuating the light from 10% to 115% of its power during 0-30 minutes, time that we can set as we please. In this way, nature is emulated with an "awakening" or "sleeping" of our marijuana plants, thus avoiding them from suffering stress.

This unit is compatible with CMH/LEC 315W and 630W lamps, and with HM and HPS 250W, 400W, 600W, 750W and 1000W. Also with 90W, 465W, 600W and 1000W LED panels, enabling the equipment to be connected in series via a TRS in-line PRO socket using a mini Jack cable.

Lumatek Control Panel Plus 2.0 (HID + LED), safe and efficient

It offers fully digital programming, allows light power to be varied by 1% with total accuracy and also provides an accurate and efficient automatisation, timing, regulation and safety management system.

All the devices connected in series to one controller output offer the selected power on that channel. This ensures that the defined safety standards are followed, allowing the control of two independent rooms or indoor grow tents at different powers according to our needs. It even allows to operate a channel with HID and another one with LED.

Another important feature is the room temperature control sensor, so the controller can reduce the light output if the temperature increases too much. The unit can switch off the equipment if the value we have set is exceeded, ensuring maximum safety for our cultivation.

Lumatek Control Panel Plus 2.0 (HID + LED) info:

  • Digital control panel for your cultivation lighting system
  • Two independent channels
  • Emits double signal: digital RS485 for HID systems, analogical 0-10V for LED
  • Control of up to 200 HID ballasts in series per channel
  • Control of up to 50 LEDs in series per channel
  • Digital power regulation, at 1% intervals
  • Sunrise and sunset simulation system
  • Attenuation: 10-115%.
  • Programmable regulation and auto switch-off system according to temperature (0-40ºC)
  • Very easy to use and programme
  • Power: 5V/2A
  • Compatible with: 315W and 630W CMH/LEC - 250W, 400W, 600W, 750W and 1000W HM and HPS - 90W, 465W, 600W and 1000W LED

Lumatek Control Panel Plus 2.0 (HID + LED) includes:

  • 1x Lumatek Control Panel Plus
  • 1x Power cable
  • 2x Temperature sensor cable 5m
  • 2x HID control connection cable 5m
  • 2x LED control connection cable 5m

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